June 2011

Ten things you should know about Adobe Illustrator.

You have the Adobe Creative Suite installed on your computer and have seen Illustrator sitting there quietly begging to be played with but you’ve never jumped in. DesignShack go over ten basic things you should know before starting. This post is ideal for newbies.

Infographics: Overview, history and creative examples.

Infographics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. With an information graphic, computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians develop and communicate concepts using a single symbol to process information. DjDesignerLab reveals all you need to know about these wonderful graphic tools.

Creative Album Covers.

There’s so much we designers can get inspired by, and one thing that isn’t too common to see around the net are album covers. In this compilation, Insfired has had a look through thousands of CD covers to pick out some that they think show great creativity and can serve as inspiration to designers.

20 superb examples of Photoblogs.

A photoblog is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog. It differs from a blog through the predominant use of and focus on photographs rather than text. TopDesignMag has collected 20 superb examples of photoblogs.

Effective Domain Name Tools and Generators.

If you are making a website and want to find a cool name, these resources at InspirationFeed should definitely help. These tools will help you find available domain names, and domain suggestions.

Showcase of outstanding Conference Web Designs.

There seems to be polar opposites in the style of website designs for web conferences. Some are bland and boring, while others really stand out with eye catching designs and easily digestible information. Line25 rounds up over 20 of the most outstanding website designs for web related conferences from 2010-2011.

Old Style Photo Retouching.

PhotoshopStar have prepared an interesting tutorial about old style photo retouching. It’s all standard stuff, but well worth knowing and understanding the processes involved. Check it out.

Beautiful examples of Depth Of Field Photography.

Depth of field means the sharp area surrounding the point of focus. It depends upon three things: aperture setting, focal length and distance between the camera and the subject. In this collection, AcrisDesign have compiled some amazing and professional examples of depth of field photos along with a few tips.

Getting Started with Defensive Web Design.

A good design assumes that people make mistakes. A bad one leaves visitors stuck at a dead end because they mistyped one character. The best professionals account for this with smart, defensive design strategies (also known as contingency design). SmashingMagazine explains how to get started with Defensive Web Design.

Excellent Photoshop 3D Tutorials.

We all know that Adobe Photoshop is the best tutorial for image editing. Now Adobe Photoshop also has some very useful tools for creating 3D images and effects. Check out CreativeDesignMagazine who have compiled a huge list of Photoshop 3D Tutorials.