August 2011

QR Code Business Card Designs.

A QR code (Quick Response code) is a specific barcode that is readable by smartphones, and the information encoded may be text, URL, or other data. As their usage gains greater acceptance, designers are using them on Business Cards as another marketing tool. 1800BusinessCards has a showcase of over 40 designs that have picked up on this new trend.

How to use Google+ Hangouts for Business.

Google Plus Hangouts are a way for people to video chat with users within their various social networks – or circles. Anyone in that circle can decide to join and chat. But how can this be a useful tool for business? Smedio provides a broad overview of using Hangouts effectively.

Five free and easy ways to create professional Screencasts.

Whether you’re creating a tutorial, a game walkthrough, or even want to show someone what’s wrong with your computer, there are a ton of different options available to use. The following list of five services at TheNextWeb all come with a free version, meaning you won’t have to pay a cent to create professional looking screencasts.

Creative iPad uses for Small Retailers.

The iPad is a really cool device that is capable of so much more than it’s use as a presentation tool or an eReader or a gaming platform. There is a cornucopia of Apps available, and the list continues to grow. Mashable looks at six imaginative ways that small retailers have used the iPad to engage with their customers. How would the iPad fit into your business?

Over 40 Google Plus Icons.

Not everyone is satisfied with the ‘official’ Google+ icons and have taken up the challenge to create their own. This collection at Designrfix showcases some of the best alternatives, as well as high quality versions of the standard. Looking at these designs makes you think that Google didn’t put much effort into their own creation.

Improve your Typography skills.

Typography is fundamental to Graphic Design, and there is considerable ‘science’ to the craft that all designers should know and understand. It is a field where you never stop learning and developing your skills. iBrandStudio has collected an impressive range of articles and tutorials to spruce up your typographic abilities.

Proposals are for Wimps.

Many of us have experienced the travails involved in getting new business. We typically write a proposal and wait for the prospective client to sign on the dotted line. But wait, the proposal should finalize the sale, not close the deal. Sitepoint explains the difference and why proposals are for wimps.

Elegant WordPress Restaurant Menu Templates.

Having a website for a restaurant is no longer a novelty, it’s a necessity. Readers can check your business hours, menu, wine list, prices and all the other information they need to decide to make a booking. WordPress is the ideal vehicle to create a compelling design that is relatively simple to create, and easy to maintain and update. TripwireMagazine showcase some of the best Restaurant Menu Templates using WordPress.

A review of Cross-Browser Testing Tools.

In a perfect world, all web browsers would render web code to one standard. Unfortunately this isn’t going to happen anytime soon, and we continue the need to check the integrity of our code across a number of advanced and legacy browsers. This tedious task is made simpler and more palatable with the aid of using either free or commercial Web services and software. SmashingMagazine review some of the most useful ones.

Essential Books on Typography.

Being a graphic designer has never been a nine to five proposition. Stimulus and inspiration come from everywhere, at any time. If you love your craft, you go out of your way to visit galleries, exhibitions and browse bookshops; you surf the web and interact with other designers. And you read books. If you’re passionate about Typography (and which designer isn’t?), BrainPickings recommends 10 essential books on Typography, ranging from the practical to the philosophical to the plain pretty. Have fun.