April 2011

Best Flyer Illustration designs.

When designing Promotional Flyers, Illustrators can let their wildest concepts come to life. There are no rules, beyond all the information being legible. DzineBlog shares 59 of the best flyer illustration designs for your inspiration.

Bridging the Gap: The difference between Print and Web Design.

Knowing print and web design standards shouldn’t be something you learn in order to be functional in them, but to be able to provide a product to your client that can be easily transferred between sectors. 1stWebDesigner has put together a little list of some of the things they think are most important when dealing with print and web design.

Saving Multiple Images from a Single Photoshop Document.

Saving multiple images can be a hassle, especially if each image needs to be a separate file type and all the images are nested inside a single document. In this video tutorial, eCommerceDeveloper shows you how to use the Slice tool to save multiple images from a single Photoshop CS4 document.

A showcase of inspirational Tree Logos.

By using a tree logo for a company, a designer is telling the world, graphically, that a company is successful, stable and able to grow. Hongkiat showcases the effective use of tree logo designs by companies that have successfully utilized the universal symbol of the tree to represent their businesses.

Stunning Fashion Brochure Designs.

CreativeOverflow presents a showcase of 35 Stunning Fashion Brochure Designs that are prime examples of effective and creative brochure design.

How to use your iPad for real design work.

We all know that the iPad is fun — but is it a legitimate business tool for designers? SixRevisions take a look at a few tools that will help you use your iPad for professional-level design work.

Amazing Paper Made Artworks and Sculptures.

This post at Noupe is meant to pay accolades to the artists who have created these phenomenal pieces of artwork. Some of these beautiful sculptures will simply blow your mind. All the examples presented have been created only by using papers from delicate cut outs to the most comprehensive and realistic models.

JavaScript – Common Mistakes.

No matter how much JavaScript has emerged, the ground rules of the script haven’t changed – maintainable, solid and secure JavaScript. RtDesignGroup presents some common JavaScript mistakes that should be kept in mind while developing JavaScript code.

The Spoon, Fork and Knife in Logo Design.

Many logo designers use cutlery very cleverly in their designs, especially for logos which are created for restaurants and bars etc. DesignBeep presents a collection of logos using a spoon, fork and knife.

The Liquify Tool in Photoshop.

This video tutorial at PictureSocial discusses the basics of using Photoshop’s Liquify Filter along with showing you many situations where the tool can be very handy. Some scenarios where many people use the liquify tool include reshaping clothing, hair, or facial features.