May 2011

Awesome Wedding Invitations.

Wedding Invitations are one of the most personal design projects most designers will encounter. Couples sometimes want their Invitation to be unique, regardless of cost, and to reflect their personality or social status. SadiaKomal has collected 15 examples of awesome invites.

The ultimate guide to crafting extraordinary Headlines.

No amount of effort put into a pixel-perfect design, with eye-pleasing typography, and heart-warming content can ever offset the importance of an incredible headline. Without it, your efforts will go unnoticed. WebDesignerDepot has some suggestions for making the greatest headline possible for every piece of content you create.

Beautiful Shapes of Logo Designs.

SmashingHub shares this interesting collection of 30 Logos with beautiful shapes. I’m not convinced about the shapes being beautiful, but the variety of logos is certainly worth a look. They ‘speak for themselves’.

Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices.

There has not been a “Standard” or “Correct” way that a fan page should looks like. However, there has been many companies that impliment the idea in their own way and have found success. They don’t just ask their users to like them, they provide a social relationship with their fans and reward them. While looking through the following pages at InspirationFeed, take notes of the interaction and posting frequency.

April 2011

Logo Combinations: Locks and Keys.

This series at SdwHaven is about specific logo design combinations that you see in branding, the icons that companies and brands use to go with their names and/or tag lines. This week’s combination is logos that use locks and keys in their design.

Logo Designs created with strong Typographic Elements.

Type-based logo designs not only are simple but attention grabbing as well. This post at SmashingApps contains a collection of some amazingly simple yet effective and powerful logo designs that are based on typography.

30 Best Adobe Photoshop CS5 Video Tutorials.

Photoshop video tutorials are especially useful for tutorials where every step would be impossible to document, such as digital painting tutorials.  CreativeFan have gathered up the 30 best Adobe Photoshop CS5 video tutorials that will take you from Photoshop beginner to Photoshop expert.

20 Firefox Addons for everyone.

You can improve your online experience with these best Firefox addons at Slodive. They will make your day to day tasks much easier and increase your productivity many times over.

Seven ways to an Effective Team Meeting.

It’s a common dilemma of managers; Many hours are spent on team meetings only to realize that nobody is clear on what they must do and nothing is accomplished. But there are ways to make sure that a team meeting is productive, effective and efficient. WorkAwesome has some useful suggestions.

New Twitter Tools to boost your Productivity.

Being productive with Twitter is extremely important. It is so easy to spend the greater part of any given day on there without getting anything done. So here is a list of tools DesignModo uses to have their Twitter activities optimized, without trading off on the human element of Twitter.