May 2011

Best Free Grunge Background Vectors.

It’s quite rare to find backgrounds in a vector format, not surprising considering the work involved in their creation. Fortunately, WebDesignish has 15 free and beautiful background grunge vector images for you to use.

Understanding and using Embedded Fonts.

Font Embedding is as easy and as compatible as ever, and as a result, we are seeing plenty of websites come out with unique fonts for blog headlines, regular page content, and other text that is variable and was once not practical to use a unique font that would require images. OneExtraPixel explains all you need to know about Font Embedding.

Traditional typography meets modern techniques.

Web designers are raging with excitement and renewed passion for typography as browsers advance, as web services emerge, and as doing fantastic things with text generally becomes a whole lot easier. The resurgence in finely crafted type, much of it reminiscent of letterpress, is fascinating. WebDesignerDepot showcases websites that blend modern techniques with traditional and beautiful typographic styles. The combination is stunning and inspiring.

300 excellent Photoshop Actions.

For good design need good resources, and some of the resources we use regularly are Photoshop Brushes and Actions. LevelGraphic shares 300 excellent Photoshop Actions you can choose from, and use them for any project such as a web page, poster or advertisement.

Powerful Minimal Packaging Design.

Minimal Packaging Design? Current trends are now towards cleaner, simpler designs, yet informative enough to convey all mandatory onformation and to be spot on. Leaflette presents a showcase of 50 clean and unobtrusive Packaging designs.

Designing for Different Age Groups.

Age is an influential factor on the web in terms of not only psychology, but also accessibility, usability, and user interface design. Many other variables can affect your designs, but SixRevisions focuses on the difference that age can make in creating a website.

Why is it worth paying for WordPress Plugins?

With plugins, WordPress turned extendability into an art. Whatever is left out of the core system can go into a plugin. In fact, most of today’s core functionality started as independent plugins. But, where are these plugins coming from? Who’s writing them and for what reason? TheNextWeb explores the world of WordPress Plugins.

Order of steps to Color Correct images in Photoshop.

When you work with photographs in ACR or Lightroom it doesn’t really matter in which order to perform Adjustments because all Adjustments will be applied to the image in the same time when you are saving or exporting image. But in Photoshop it matters, and APS describes the best Color Correction Workflow.

Showcase of beautiful Retro and Vintage Typography.

WebExpedition18 have found some beautiful examples of vintage typography and the modern work they’ve inspired. Looking back, it’s easy to see why some of this type has stood the test of time and it’s huge inspiration for the design community today.

Spot or Process Color? Essential Guidelines.

The two main common color models are  CMYK, a subtractive method, used for printing and based on inks use; and RGB, an additive color model used for computer displays and based on light transmission. InstantShift explains how to choose the right color model for the job, and the differences between Spot and Process Colors.