May 2011

How long should a designer fight a client about a poor design decision?

Most designers have experienced a client who wants to change or add to a design project that you know is just plain wrong. You politely explain why that may be a bad decision, but they insist. GraphicDesignBlender takes a closer look at this awkward scenario.

A Typographic Checklist.

TheTypeStudio always recommend that designers and students make a typographic checklist to help avoid committing type crimes, as well as to aid in finessing their typography. They’ve created a checklist that covers issues most frequently asked about in their workshops. You can download the PDF and print it out.

Shattered 3D Font – Free.

Shattered 3D is a unique font that has unbelievable detail making your designs stand out from the rest. Each letter has gorgeous shattered elements that are perfectly lit in 3D. This font must be composed by hand. Each letter comes in its own PNG file with a transparent background. You’ll find it at MediaMilitia.

Stunning Wing Tattoo Designs.

Wing tattoo designs holds a special place in tattoo lovers hearts as it gives them a sense of freedom. However, wing tattoos can be very detailed so you should be ready physically, mentally and financially to visit your local tattoo parlor couple of times. Slodive have collected some awesome wing tattoo designs for your inspiration.

Productivity Tips specifically designed for Designers.

Designers, and all creative people alike, may have difficulty staying motivated and being productive. We’re not lazy people – we just have stronger creative drives that may keep us from working on what we need to. OneExtraPixel look at over ten productivity tips that are specifically targeted towards designers, or creative people in general.

Thick Edge Colored Business Cards.

PixelCurse presents 50 Thick Edge Colored Business Cards that will make your head turn. These thick cards are distinctive and ooze quality and lend themselves well to embossing or letterpress printing. Check ’em out.

Creative and beautiful Wedding Invitations.

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the invitation. It completely sets the mood for the whole wedding. Your invitation is the first thing that your guests will see to have an idea of what your wedding will be like and what they will experience. PixelCurse has 10 Creative and Beautiful Wedding Invitations that are sure to inspire.

How to create a unique Texture without using Brushes.

Bittbox share one of their favorite ways to quickly add a little extra to a rather uninteresting texture, without using Photoshop brushes. Simple, yet elegant.

39 Beautiful Bottle Designs.

There used to be a time when most bottles looked the same (apart from the ubiquitous Coke bottle).  In today’s collection, DzineBlog shares with you 39 beautiful and creative bottle designs that anyone would want to display.

Black and White Logos Showcase.

In the past, all logos were required to be reproduceable in newspapers. This meant your logo needed a black and white version. Nowadays, designers are creating logos in mono not because of restrictions, but for the sheer beauty of the design itself. TopDesignMag has an interesting showcase of logos in many colors, as long as they’re black.