February 2011

Designing Websites with Personality.

Like every person, web designers have unique and intriguing personalities. But even with the clearly obvious level of impact our personality has in our lives and our work, there is still a noticeable lack of individuality in the web designs we see on the web. SixRevisions believes we should not be afraid of showing some personality with designs we make.

January 2011

Tutorials for making your Website Mobile Friendly.

With the introduction of iPhone there has been a massive demand of mobile web services. Today Noupe presents 25 tutorials and articles to help you understand and develop sites for achieving mobile presence on websites.

CSS3 Tutorials to brighten up your day.

As we all know, a lot of complicated CSS code snippets had to be used back then when you simply wanted to achieve a rounded corner, and even had to use JavaScript for simple animations. But since the coming out of CSS3, life has become a lot easier, and Noupe has a bunch of tutorials to make you smile.

Capture visitors’ attention through your Home Page.

The home page is usually the first page you see when a website loads, and can capture each viewer that visits the site, not only to scan the home page but to enjoy exploring the whole site. 1stWebDesigner explains how to make the most of your home page.

Menu Design inspiration from 38 websites.

When you’re using the same type of menus over and over again, you gotta slap yourself a couple of times (just for fun) and then surf the net to find some inspiration, something different, something that others are trying in their designs. DesignYourWay makes this chore easy with this excellent showcase.

Top Blog Design Mistakes.

Sadly, many bloggers, and even professional layout designs, make tragic and costly mistakes in the look and layout of a site. Slodive presents five of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid when it comes to blog design.

Falling for HTML5: Finding love in the little things.

Felicity at SmashingMagazine has lost count of the number of posts that have been written about the big features of HTML5: amongst the most anticipated being rich media (video, audio, canvas) and JavaScript APIs. However, this is not the sort of thing that gets her swooning. What does? The small additions to the spec that will make the world of difference to the way she codes day-in, day-out. This is the stuff fairy tales are made of.

Top 18 Commercial WordPress Themes.

These WordPress themes at Slodive are ready to use themes which require no spade work from your side. These great looking themes comes at budget price and also have proper demonstration and support procedures so you don’t have to perfect in using wordpress to use these themes.

Guide to Competitive Backlink Analysis.

Using link data, although it can never be perfectly accurate, allows you to take a more scientific approach to your SEO strategies. How can we leverage link data for actionable insights? Let Seomoz explain.

The perils of Free WordPress Themes in Google.

A few months ago WPMU wrote about WordPress Security. Now, armed only with the words “free WordPress themes,” builtBackwards’ Theme Authenticity Checker Plugin and Donncha O Caoimh’s Exploit Scanner, she’s going to take a look through the first page of Google to see just how safe pages ranking for “Free WordPress Themes” are.