January 2011

Learn to create a variety of Script Lettering.

In this tutorial, VectorTutsPlus showcase three different approaches, which result in three different script lettering styles. They start with a nice simple basic script, touch on a more athletic inspired lettering style and work their way to a classic, fancy script.

December 2010

Soccer Ball – Vector Freebie.

Today, as a special bonus to all VectorTutsPlus readers, they have a Soccer ball vector illustration available as a freebie for anyone to download. This illustration is created using Adobe Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh for a realistic finish.

Flower Grunge Labels Vector.

VectorEps generously shares 10 eps vectors with jpg previews – 12.0Mb in all. The labels are stock standard, but the floral designs are grungy gorgeous… go get ’em.

Illustrator Symbols for Digital Illustrators and Animators.

One of the most powerful features in Adobe Illustrator is the very under rated “symbols” palette. By using the Illustrator symbol palette, you’d be able to make illustrations faster and build a library for quicker reference later on. BestDesignOptions has a set that includes more than 2000 symbols.

How to create detailed Gothic Linework Typography.

Follow this step by step walkthough of the design process for a recent gothic typography design. SpoonGraphics customise a blackletter font with various black and white elements and creating a range of tones with detailed linework to create a cool gothic style design that would be right at home as a logo for a heavy metal band or dark apparel brand.

Vectors Grunge.

Vector Grunge is an image with a skull on a shield, on a colorful grunge background. The illustration is also decorated with buds and leaves of a  rose and others elements of grunge. You’ll find it at VectorArtBox.

Create a personalized Toolkit for making Maps.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time you draw a map. VectorTutsPlus describes how you can set up your own map-making toolkit, full of the styles, symbols and other elements you use every time. Having all of these things in one place which will ensure accuracy, consistency and readability, three of the most important qualities of an informational graphic.

Free Christmas Card Vector.

Christmas is here and it’s the most wonderful time of the year! And FVD is going to make it even more wonderful! Come back often this month to download all the christmas goodies, that will help you in creating that last minute christmas greeting. This time it’s a delightful free Christmas Card Vector.

November 2010

How to create a Repeating Camo Pattern in Illustrator.

A couple of weeks back, SpoonGraphics posted a collection of free military camouflage patterns, featuring woodland, desert, urban and digital style designs. This week he’s going to show you how the camo designs were created and how the pattern file was made so it would seamlessly repeat.

Vector Chart and Graph Templates.

If you have ever tried searching for high quality Chart and Graph templates, you will understand the dilemma and difficulty SpeckyBoy had in compiling this round-up. So, if you are searching for high quality vector chart and graph templates you had better bookmark this page, its quite literally like gold dust.