June 2010

Smart and creative designs of the ampersand symbol.

Sweeping lines, shapes and bold statements of the ampersand are the things that make ampersands an exciting symbol to use in your creations. In this post at TheDesignBuzz, you’ll see a variety of examples of how the ampersand symbol is being designed in many creative ways.

A Guide to Google Font API.

Google has introduced the Google Font Directory and Google Font API, a free web service that allows website owners the ability to utilize other fonts outside of the Web-safe fonts cadre in an easy, convenient, and resource-efficient way. SixRevisions takes a plunge into the untapped potential of Google’s Font API.

So you want to create a font.

So you’re a brilliant designer, a master calligrapher, and you’ve learned all about serifs, side-bearings, and kerning. Now you want to create your own font. You’ll need all of the knowledge you can get if you plan on being successful! ILoveTypography has the goods.

May 2010

Illustrative Lettering in Vector.

Whether its purpose is to inspire or identify, illustrative lettering communicates to the heart as well as the head. With the advancement of vector drawing software, lettering has exploded as an artform. VectorTutsPlus showcases 45 examples to inspire you.

Typography Day No.1.

Typography Day is a weekly post series that comes around every Thursday with the best of Typography work on the web, full of great design and inspiration. Check out this week’s beautiful and creative typography designs at DjDesignerLab.

Penmanship of the 16th-18th centuries.

GoogleBooks presents “Penmanship of the XVI, XVII & XVIIIth centuries: a series of typical examples from English and foreign writing books”. Any fan of Script or Calligraphy will salivate at these beautiful examples.

A showcase of Decorative Letters.

This selection  from ClipartETC contains over 840 illustrations of decorative letters. You’ll find various styles, such as floral, gothic, medieval, old English, and more. Good old clip art.

The use (or misuse) of period typography in movies.

There are more important things to attend to in movie making than incidental Typography. Besides, the number of people who notice things like anachronistic type choices is small. I’m sure they seldom complain. MarkSimonson presents a brief survey of films that have caught his attention over the years for their use (or misuse) of period typography in movies.

April 2010

Web Savvy Typography.

Typographic styles and conventions are ever changing. Periodically you need to replenish your knowledge and stay current about trends and activities in web typography. Read further at Reencoded to learn about guidelines and more for creating web savvy typography.

Typography for Lawyers.

Even though the legal profession depends heavily on writing, legal typography is often poor. Some blame lies with the strict typographic constraints that control certain legal documents (e.g. court rules regarding the format of pleadings). But the rest of the blame lies with lawyers. Matthew will enlighten you about TypographyForLawyers.