August 2010

An exploration of Modern Typography.

PsdFan has always been a huge fan of experimental typography, as the most talented artists can produce some really unique results. Today we look at some great examples of modern typography, as well as some useful resources and tutorials to help you create your own epic typography. Enjoy!

Ten Typefaces of the Decade.

Imprint suggests the top ten typefaces of the decade from 2000 to 2010. It is not a list of his favorite typefaces, nor is it a list of the most popular typefaces. Instead, it is a list of typefaces that have been “important” for one reason or another. It’s up to you to figure out why they were chosen.

OpenType myths explained.

OpenType is the standard font format these days. But even 14 years after its introduction, many users don’t really know what the term OpenType implies and how it differs from other font formats. Since he uses the domain for his weblog, Ralf thought it is time to shed some light on this confusing subject.

TypeTalk: Why distorting type is a crime.

Are you tempted to use your layout software to stretch or squeeze a word? Resist that temptation or your type will look awkward at best, and downright ugly at worst. CreativePro explains why.

July 2010

Sites and Resources to learn Typography.

Learning typography seems to be easy at a glance; however, to achieve a great impact from typography for graphic and web designs isn’t so easy. 1stWebDesigner lists 25+ sites and resources to help you understand typography basics in print or web designs, choosing the right fonts for your project, and guide you to create good typography which is aesthetically pleasing.

How to write like an Architect.

BitRebels has found a really interesting tutorial on YouTube that he’d like to share with you all. It’s about stylizing a font like an architect would do it. It teaches you how to organize and draw, by hand, a truly good looking font in just a matter of seconds. If you have some skills and just 10 minutes, this will truly change the way your designs or presentations look.

Origins of the world’s most important Typefaces.

We see different fonts in magazines, print, advertisement, campaigns – even in text messaging. But have you ever given much thought as to how these unique fonts came to be? ChaCha has a really neat infographic showing the origins of the most important typefaces we all use today.

Six super helpful Typography Cheat Sheets.

There’s a lot involved in typography, and becoming a master can be difficult. A lot of it requires much experience, practice, and knowing the rules and dos and donts. Nevertheless, there’s a lot to remember. So to provide a little typography aid, WDL have rounded up Six Super Helpful Typography Cheat Sheets.

Surprisingly beautiful Typography Posters and Designs.

Creating a well designed typographical poster is not an easy task and takes time and patience. In this exciting showcase at WebExpedition18 you will see some of the most amazing typography focused posters and designs from the interwebs.

June 2010

On selecting typefaces for different Passage Lengths. suggests that fonts can all fall into one of three different basic groups, based on the maximum length of passage for which they should be used. These are as follows: Short Copy Fonts, Medium Copy Fonts and Long Copy Fonts. Let’s look at each of these three different groupings in a little more detail.