December 2010

Creating a Handwriting Font with iFontMaker.

With iFontMaker you can create your own font in minutes on the iPad; it’s really simple and easy to use and it’s perfect to create your handwriting font to use in projects instead of using other free fonts. Abduzeedo shows you how they created their own Handwriting Font.

How to choose a Typeface for easy Long-Distance Reading.

No matter what project you are using a typeface for, there are a few rules that make the going easier; these rules can apply to print or web design. The main thing you want, of course, is to maintain a highly readable product; one that not only keeps your audience engaged, but one that is also attractive and easy to access. OrphicPixel has a fine article about readability from a distance.

November 2010

Not just another Typographic Anatomy Lesson.

There are lots of posts (several here at The Graphic Post) that deal with the Anatomy of Typography. What sets this one at FastCompany apart from the rest is that it’s presented as an elegant poster. It would look pretty cool as a reference in your working environment.

All you will ever need to know about the Apostrophe.

Ah, the great apostrophe… much loved, much maligned and much misunderstood. Educating the masses against using apostrophes in ways that are not conducive to good grammar has become a passionate life’s work for punctuation aficionados. SpeckyBoy tells you all you need to know.

Collection of beautiful Eastern Calligraphy.

VivePixels presents a collection of beautiful calligraphic artwork collected around the web, which includes samples from arabic, persian and urdu scripts. Simply stunning!

Volume No. 2 of U&lc available for download.

U&lc began its second year of pub­lic­a­tion in 1975. The Volume No. 2 issues are chock full of ter­rific examples of illus­tra­tion, cal­li­graphy, hand­let­ter­ing and, of course, typeface design. provides a peek at the best typo­graphy of 35 years ago.

Ode to Ampersand: Inspiring images of our favorite character.

At DesignShack you’ll find over thirty excellent inspirational images that feature ampersands as a primary element. Looking through these will help you learn to take advantage of what is arguably the most attractive character on your keyboard.

Web Typography: Educational Resources, Tools and Techniques.

SmashingMagazine presents an extensive overview of educational resources, tools, articles, techniques and showcases all related to web typography. Please notice that the overview presents resources which they have stumbled upon, discovered, collected and reviewed over the last six months. This round-up is quite long, so save some time for a thorough study.

Best Practices of Combining Typefaces.

Creating great typeface combinations is an art, not a science. Indeed, the beauty of typography has no borders. While there are no absolute rules to follow, it is crucial that you understand and apply some best practices when combining fonts in a design. SmashingMagazine takes a close look at some the best practices for combining typefaces — as well as some blunders to avoid.

50 awesome examples of Minimal Typography.

When a minimalistic design approach is integrated with the composition of type, results can be jaw-dropping. 1stWebDesigner has a showcase, although I find a few of the designs hard to describe as ‘minimalist’.