June 2009

Join the revolution.

If you’re a quality font designer looking to join a group of like-minded craftsmen, look no further than The League of Moveable Type. They intend to raise the standard of typography constrained by the limitations of the web. Although still in it’s infancy, the site looks worthwhile staying in touch with. Read their manifesto.

May 2009

All that jazz.

Have you ever wanted to use a special typeface in your website, but were unable to generate it on the server? Of course you have. FontJazz implements a simple type-rendering engine in JavaScript, which means that any headlines are rendered 100% client-side, without any kind of server-side dependencies or bandwidth overhead. Check it out, it’s neat.

Typekit has an alternate solution, but hasn’t launched yet. It’s worth keeping an eye on them; they might just revolutionise how typography is handled on the internet.

Forget your P’s and Q’s, mind your EMs and ENs

This site offers a useful guide to the usage of dashes and hyphens, ems and ens.

Dashes Ems Ens Hyphens