March 2011

Achieving good Legibility and Readability on the Web.

Now that we can get the fonts we want rendered on the Web, Klepas examines legibility and readability more closely by covering the elementary typographic factors that affect them.

Web UNSAFE Fonts – Common Issues and Workarounds.

When you read the marketing pages from suppliers of Web fonts and font delivery services, you get the impression that with just a couple of lines of code you can transform a site – with no hassle; all the issues taken away from you. The reality is somewhat different: there are actually quite a few gotchas, some of which are easy to miss if you’re not testing thoroughly. WebDesignDev shines some light on this tricky topic.

Type study: Typographic Hierarchy.

Workers of the web are familiar with establishing a hierarchy through markup by using tags like <h1> and <em>, but what of the aesthetics of it? On the web, a large chunk of our content is text. Typekit believes it’s important to understand how to reinforce this hierarchy typographically. A clear understanding of hierarchy results in more beautiful, meaningful, and communicative designs that better serve their audience.

Type Foundries worth a look.

As every decent designer or typographer knows, it’s always useful to have a collection of type foundries to call upon. DavidAirey has a few that are worth a look.

Creative Typography in Modern Web Design.

The most recent trend in web typography is to use bigger fonts that hold the attention of the onlookers. SmashingApps have collected some great example of how to use bigger typographic elements to give your web design a little bit of extra oomph.

The secret of successful Minimal Font Usage.

In this article at 1stWebDesigner, you’re going to find some tips together with stunning examples to learn more about minimal font usage in web design.

Missing Font mysteries – solved at last!

Have you ever experienced the frustration of opening an existing document and being confronted with a prompt for a “missing font” that you have not used in the document? Of course you have. ItcFonts explains how to find these pesky irritants.

CSS Typography: The Basics.

SixRevisions presents the first part of a three-part series of guides on CSS typography that will cover everything from basic syntax to best practices and tools related to CSS typography.

February 2011

The Dos and Don’ts of picking the right font.

MeltingWaves suggests five dos and don’ts you can incorporate into your typography design to make sure you pick the right font every time for any design job you do.

10 of the best Font Creation Tutorials.

With the right tools and a bit off commitment it’s not difficult to create your own font. There are loads of tutorials on the internet that can show you how to get it done. Here are ten of WebExpedition18’s favorites.