August 2011

10 Killer Kinetic Typography Videos.

Typography can be sensational in two dimensions, but when you add motion and sound a whole new world is available to you. Check out these wicked examples of Kinetic Typography at Whskytngfxtrt. Porn for typoholics.

Improve your Typography skills.

Typography is fundamental to Graphic Design, and there is considerable ‘science’ to the craft that all designers should know and understand. It is a field where you never stop learning and developing your skills. iBrandStudio has collected an impressive range of articles and tutorials to spruce up your typographic abilities.

Essential Books on Typography.

Being a graphic designer has never been a nine to five proposition. Stimulus and inspiration come from everywhere, at any time. If you love your craft, you go out of your way to visit galleries, exhibitions and browse bookshops; you surf the web and interact with other designers. And you read books. If you’re passionate about Typography (and which designer isn’t?), BrainPickings recommends 10 essential books on Typography, ranging from the practical to the philosophical to the plain pretty. Have fun.

June 2011

Extraordinary Collection of Arabic Typography.

Arabic typography is easy to appreciate for ‘foreign’ viewers who cannot read the language. The flowing lines, use of swashes and swirls and a calligraphic expression are a beautiful marriage of typography and pure graphic design. Designzzz present a wonderful showcase of Arabic typography with a broad range of styles and treatments. Check out other examples here at TheGraphicPost by searching ‘Arabic’.

May 2011

A Typographic Checklist.

TheTypeStudio always recommend that designers and students make a typographic checklist to help avoid committing type crimes, as well as to aid in finessing their typography. They’ve created a checklist that covers issues most frequently asked about in their workshops. You can download the PDF and print it out.

Understanding and using Embedded Fonts.

Font Embedding is as easy and as compatible as ever, and as a result, we are seeing plenty of websites come out with unique fonts for blog headlines, regular page content, and other text that is variable and was once not practical to use a unique font that would require images. OneExtraPixel explains all you need to know about Font Embedding.

Traditional typography meets modern techniques.

Web designers are raging with excitement and renewed passion for typography as browsers advance, as web services emerge, and as doing fantastic things with text generally becomes a whole lot easier. The resurgence in finely crafted type, much of it reminiscent of letterpress, is fascinating. WebDesignerDepot showcases websites that blend modern techniques with traditional and beautiful typographic styles. The combination is stunning and inspiring.

Showcase of beautiful Retro and Vintage Typography.

WebExpedition18 have found some beautiful examples of vintage typography and the modern work they’ve inspired. Looking back, it’s easy to see why some of this type has stood the test of time and it’s huge inspiration for the design community today.

April 2011

Brilliant examples of Arabic Typography and Calligraphy.

Arabic Calligraphy is a beautiful expression of the sinewy, organic forms of Arabic typography. Modny73 has an amazing showcase of Arabic Typography and Calligraphy for your inspiration.

March 2011

How to Choose a Typeface.

The beauty and complexity of type, combined with an inexhaustible supply of options to evaluate, can make your head spin. While there are no easy-to-follow rules on how best to choose a typeface, there are many tried-and-true principles you can quickly learn and apply to make an appropriate typeface choice. SmashingMagazine will guide you through the labyrinth.