January 2011

The Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Web Designers.

PhotoshopEtiquette provides helpful and ‘subtle’ suggestions for the process of web design in Photoshop, and making the transfer of PSDs less painful. Intended for any group of people looking to standardize web design in Photoshop. Feel free to negate any rules that don’t work best for your particular group.

Grunge Fusion: Creating Stunning Textures with Blending Modes and Filters.

In this tutorial at EchoEnduring, we will be looking at how to create and collect a variety of photographic resources and then use Photoshop’s blending modes, filters and adjustment layers to combine those resources into a cool and interesting grunge texture.

What does a Histogram tell us?

Have you been trying to teach yourself the basics of Photoshop but have found the amount of amount of educational material available on the net a bit overwhelming? This tutorial at PsdTutsPlus is part of a 25-part video series demonstrating everything you will need to know to start working in Photoshop. What Does a Histogram Tell Us will explain the Histogram panel; specifically the Shadow/Highlights and Levels adjustments

Selecting with Color Range.

One of the most powerful and useful tools for creating a selection in Photoshop is also the most often ignored and the least understood. Yet, this tool can give you the ability to create very convincing selections quickly, with much better results than its more famous counterparts. TipSquirrel talks about Color Range

15 great Photoshop Button Tutorials.

Designing buttons is one of those time-consuming tasks as a web designer. One day you might not have enough inspiration to create a sleek, modern button. In that case you can try to use one of these photoshop tutorials. These tutorials at TheRoxor show you how you can create great looking buttons in just a few clicks.

Skin Retouching tutorial.

JoelGrimes has reviewed tons of Skin Retouching techniques over the past few years but many of them leave the skin looking like a blurred mess, or end up looking like plastic.  The goal is to take out the flaws but still retain the skin texture.

December 2010

How to create an HDR Image – Photoshop Tutorial.

Today at PxlEyes, we’ll learn how to create a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image. They’ll not only explain exactly what an HDR is, but how to merge and edit one using adobe CS5’s full line up of fantastic photographic tools.

A Badge Making tutorial.

This tutorial at DigitalRetouching provides you two tips on how to make badges for digital scrapbooking projects and badges for web display.

How to use a Tablet with Photoshop.

This tutorial at PictureSocial shows you how to use a tablet to capture natural strokes into Photohop. A tablet allows you to capture real pen/brush strokes within Photoshop. Includes information on adjusting sensitivity and click settings for the tablet.

Free Psd Premium Tutorial: Create a Mixed Style Collage.

PsdTutsPlus are giving everyone access to a premium tutorial that demonstrates the process of exploring new styles of illustration by re-mixing existing elements with new ones. This is a generous freebie that’s worth checking out.