June 2009

Photo Magic.

Photo Manipulation is one of the really strong sides of Photoshop and it is almost possible to create any idea you can come up with. Step-by-step tutorials allow you to learn at your own pace, and TripWireMagazine provides 75+ tutorials to inspire you. Stunning stuff.

The Tutorial Hit Parade (May).

There’s an enormous amount of tutorials, inspirations and resources for the graphic designer on the web. SmashingApps has compiled a list of the best from the month of May. Time to grab a cuppa.

Simply the best.

You see it all the time when you search: professional, high quality or even best photoshop tutorials here. And when you check the site, it leaves you flatter than a pancake. Thank goodness for the Photoshop Lady who provides you with 30 of the best photoshop abstract effect tutorials available. Wham. Bam. Thank you, ma’am.

Pictures at an exhibition.

Does your website need to showcase photography in a gallery? If so, you will need to use web-based scripts of Flash components. There are 30+ free Flash photo galleries and tutorials at Hongkiat that you can read and download. A great site for Flash freaks.

May 2009

Become a Photoshop ninja.

Photoshop is a tool of limitless possibilities, but the learning curve can be quite daunting. The ten links at Makeuseof are arguable the best on the net at the moment. Whatever your level of expertise, if you want to hone your PS skills, then this site is for you.