September 2010

Ten excellent tools for Testing your site on Mobile Devices.

The huge range of mobile devices used to browse the web now means you really have to consider making your site mobile-compatible. But how do you go about it? Fear not, because there are some handy tools available at your disposal for making sure that your website renders appropriately on the Mobile Web. SixRevisions shares and discusses 10 such tools.

Top seven WordPress 404 plugins.

Error 404 pages show up usually because of a misspelled, or deleted URL. When this happens the ugly 404 page shows up, and scares the visitors away. You probably wonder ‘how can i fix this, without manually messing with the PHP code?’ To help you, InspirationFeed have looked around and found the best WordPress 404 plugins around. Check out the plugins and find the one that suits your needs the best.

Useful iPad Apps for Web Designers.

Given that an ipad delivers the joy of convenience, the designers now can anytime kick their creative juices into high gear. In order to accompany a designer’s muse factory, an ipad is packed with thousands of creative apps that can enhance and assist web designers on their project. Hongkiat presents a collection of iPad Apps for your designing needs.

August 2010

Six of the best Free Antivirus apps for Windows 7.

DjDesignerLab focus on some free antivirus programs. When you want to search for a Windows 7 antivirus program you have to make sure it’s fully compatible. All these free options have their good points.

80 of the most useful Mac Tools and Utilities.

Macs are awesome straight out of the box, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them a lot better with a few quality downloads. AppStorm have rounded up eighty of the most handy utilities to improve the basic functionality of your Mac in a number of ways, from hardware controllers to maintenance software and file organization tools.

Five best free Backup Software for Windows 7.

Your data is your life, and if you’re not backing it up regularly, you’re flirting with disaster. Read on at SoftHelp for a closer look at the five best Windows 7 backup tools

Top 25 Windows 7 Gadgets for System Monitoring.

Gadgets in Windows 7 are pretty cool concept to track the system activities. TechnologyToSoftware takes a look at “Top 25 Windows 7 Gadgets for System Monitoring” which are free to download.

Free Twitter Tools for scheduling future tweets.

Twitter is becoming a very important service for people who want to make their online presence strong and want to get connected to number of people at once. For that, you must have to make a strong follower base by sending regular tweets and sometimes it is difficult to keep sending those regular tweets. For this task to be done automatically, there are some online tools available at TheCopyPasteBlog.

Six useful CSS3 Tools.

CSS3 continues to gain popularity as we’re seeing it used in more and more websites. If you’re one of those that haven’t started using CSS3 or you’re a CSS3 pro just looking to speed up your work flow, WDL presents six CSS3 tools that you should find useful.

40 high quality CSS and XHTML Web Layout Templates.

In this CSS and XHTML template round-up, Speckyboy have selected templates that meet the latest design trends and use the latest innovative development techniques. They have all been built professionally, all are standard compliant and all, in there own unique way, work perfectly as a modern standalone web site as well.