February 2011

Convert websites to PDFs online.

HtmlPdfOnline is a service to convert webpages into PDF documents. It’s a simple Converter, ideal if you don’t have the full version of Adobe Acrobat. It’s free!

January 2011

10 Productivity Enhancing CSS and CSS3 Tools and Generators.

CSS tools can save a lot of a time and frustration when working on a layout, as they can automatically generate some of the tedious code for you, and help you improve your productivity.  With the advent of CSS3, there are also now some CSS3 tools and also some CSS3 generators that can create gradients for you, as well as provide WYSIWYG visuals. CreativeFan presents 10 productivity enhancing CSS tools and generators, as well as some CSS3 tools as well.

10 Time-Saving Business Administration Tools.

Efficient administration is essential in whichever line of work you are in, leaving more time to concentrate on other aspects of business. This often  results in increased productivity and profit. WorkAwesome brings together 10 of the very best business management tools; superb pieces of software that will save time in offices and companies of any size, from the solo freelancer to big corporations.

Best Email Templates.

In today’s post, Slodive feature 136 of the best Email Templates from around the web. As some email templates are Free and some are Premium email templates, you are requested to check the commercial terms mentioned on the site of the Email Template you choose.

Seven totally awesome Tools for Cd/Dvd Tasks on Windows.

CD, DVD and Blur-ray discs are the most used method to store our data and media files and use them on the go. However Managing huge collection of hard copies can be a bit painful some times. Now you can ease your task using these freeware utilities at SmashingApps that will help you to create, burn, rip and backup your favorite disc.

Free Privacy Policy generator.

With GeneratePrivacyPolicy you may create professional privacy policies with their user friendly tools. Privacy policy agreements are tailored specifically for your website, your business and your requirements. Neat!

December 2010

Best Adobe Reader Alternatives.

Adobe Reader is considered to be very slow in opening files and the latest versions uses lots of system resources while processing even a small file. Thankfully, we have some good alternatives/replacements available; they are not only lightweight but are processed quickly. Check out Best Free Alternatives to Adobe Reader at Slodive.

November 2010

Big, bold designer PowerPoint Templates.

To capture the attention of those you’re presenting to, you need something big and bold to help get your message across. WorkAwesome presents nine designer PowerPoint templates that will help you put together a stellar-looking presentation. Just click on each image to check out all of the features of the template.

20 Outstanding Tools to Maximize Your Time.

Check out the 20 amazing tools below to help maximize your time at DesignShack. Dedicating yourself to using just a few of these will boost your productivity levels to an all-time high

Seven Online Tools to create Polls for free.

Big brands and companies rely on surveys and polls to determine what their target market’s opinion is on their respective products or services. What if you have a small business, or what if you want opinions from your readers or customers and do not want to hire someone? What if you want to do it yourself? Thanks to technology, BitRebels now have several tools that can help us create online polls for FREE!