April 2011

Seven excellent Business Tools you might not know about (but should).

There are many web apps out there, but getting free and good ones is not that easy. That is why SmashingApps is sharing The Seven Excellent Business Tools You Might Not Know About But Should. Read each entry in the list and see which tool suits your needs best. Managing your business was never this easy.

March 2011

Design Charts for better Typography and Color.

Noupe has collected a good number of great infographics that will teach you how to use typefaces and colors effectively. There are guides for choosing a typeface, for combining typefaces, for figuring out what different colors mean in different cultures, and a lot more.

Websites that converts Photo into a Cartoon Character.

To give a new look to your profile, BlueBlots has collected some of the good avatar-creator websites that will let you create a cool and funky caricature of yourself in just a few simple steps.

Self‑hosted WordPress Plugin Pack.

Jetpack supercharges your self‑hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of WordPress.com. Additional plugins will be added to the collection.

Useful jQuery Plugins to improve the look and feel of your website.

If you want to increase the usability and the appearance of your website, you can use a really powerful framework to help you out known as jQuery. DesignModo offers you a selection of 20 fresh and useful jQuery plugins that you might consider using.

Excellent Free Web Tools worth checking out.

SmashingApps shares 10 recent websites he discovered that feature excellent Free Web Tools. They cover different categories and you will find each of them helpful in one way or another.

Transfering your files: A roundup of FTP software.

As a web or graphic designer, you need to send a lot of files to your server, the cloud or your clients. There is a lot of FTP software that can help you with this task; DesignerDaily have picked a few of the best for you.

February 2011

A free Web Wireframe Kit.

Emazekraker provides a simple way to plan the layout and a cost effective, time-saving tool for web designers. A useful PSD file for you to download.

Useful Tools for Cross-Browser Compatibility Check.

If a user cannot view your website properly, he will not blame the operating system or his browser…he will blame the website itself. That’s why there are tools available for free, or purchase, to make your cross-browser checking easier. 1stWebDesigner presents ten useful tools that you can use for your cross-browser compatibility check.

Tools for finding a perfect Domain Name.

Getting the domain name you desire can be a cumbersome job. To help webmasters, Slodive have different tools for checking out the availability of the exact domain name you have been looking for, or getting matching names if the desired one is not available.