April 2010

Fantastic Apps especially for Writers.

Every writer will benefit from an app which will make their task any less arduous than it has to be. The 17 excellent apps explored in detail at TripwireMagazine will guide writers of all types through every stage in the writing process, from initial idea formulation to the final draft and beyond.

The 20 most valuable SEO Plugins for WordPress.

WordPress, in addition to providing you with the state-of-the-art publishing platform, also provides a plethora of plugins for Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Some plugins are really effective whereas some are not. To help you find the right plugin for your web site, 1stWebDesigner have compiled some of the best SEO plugins.

Ten productive ways to use YouTube.

DailyBloggr is a big fan of YouTube and these tools make sure that we don’t end up in the YouTube loop, but make things a little more useful, effective and fun for all of us.

Over 200 free Photoshop Plugins.

Photoshop Plugins are add-ons to the main program which help to attain additional image effects or performing tasks that are impossible or hard to fulfill using Adobe Photoshop alone. And they make the complicated task much easier and help users in creating amazing effects, designing faster and better. SmashingTips has over 200 free ones for you to play with.

New and Updated WordPress Plugins in 2010.

Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine. With the WP plugin, you can easily monetize your content in one click with no need for additional coding intervention. In this post at WebExpedition18, you can find, download and comment on some of the latest releases of plugins that the WordPress community has to offer.

Amazing Web Apps for designers.

Web apps are great because you can access them from anywhere, they keep all of your data safe, and for the most part, they’re straightforward to get up and running with (No installations or configuring needed!). ProBlogDesign have collected together 40 of their favorites.

15 best Photoshop Filters and Plugins for Photography.

The more designers learn, the more resources and tools they need. And because a lot of designers have picked up photography, it’s important that we can make use of these skills and expand their quality through the use of Photoshop or similar applications. This is why Reencoded have compiled a list of the best Photoshop Filters and Plugins for Photography.

Advanced Calendar Plugins for WordPress.

Are you looking some intriguing calendar plugins for your WordPress based blog? 1stWebDesigner presents a collection of some of the best calendar plugins for WordPress that could suit your needs. Each plugin serves a unique purpose and can be customized to your specific needs, so read carefully and maybe you will make your blog even handier and more powerful.

12 awesome WordPress SlideShow Plugins.

GeekSucks has got some magnificent looking WordPress plugins for creating a slideshow. Just scroll through to find the one that takes your fancy.

Tools of the Trade.

TheWebSqueeze are bringing back the series called Tools of the Trade! They’ve interviewed three web designers and asked them to tell what their five favorite tools of the trade are and why! They’ve tweaked the rules this time by saying “You can’t say Mac or PC and you can’t mention PhotoShop”. Enjoy this installment of fresh, creative tools.