April 2010

Old Film Textures for free.

These textures at Bittbox were created using public domain images that were taken in the mid 19th century using the Daguerreotype method. They simply removed the subject matter from the images in Photoshop to leave only the textures of the old film.

18 textures from India.

GraphicRiver presents a wonderful texture series from India, suitable  for website backgrounds, image montages, publications… whatever. They have a resolution of 2000×1333 px, and are available as PNG or JPG.

Free Hi-Res Plain Fabric Textures Part 1.

Textures can be used in many ways, either as a simply backdrop for an image or to blend with existing graphics to give it a more organic feel. So today FudgeGraphics has released 12 High Resolution Plain Fabric Textures. There should be something for everyone; there’s textures of wool, cotton, denim jeans and synthetics. On average they’re 2800px by 1900px.

28 free Glass textures.

StarNetBlog presents textures taken from glass surfaces of some of the oldest houses still standing in the city of Piran. They are mostly very worn windows and in most cases broken. Some of them are actually intact and are a good example of how the windows looked like more then a hundred years ago. The rest was taken in industrial zones and mostly have wire integrated surface and some are intact and others are broken.

March 2010

40 amazing free Paper Textures.

If you think paper’s boring – think again! Paper textures are more popular than ever before, gracing the backgrounds of many of the most well crafted and stylish websites around. Paper is a truly versatile medium and there are so many types of paper to consider- parchment, handmade, wrapping, news, wall, recycled, cartridge, graph, lined, squared, rice, tissue- the list goes on and on and on. You’ll find examples of all of these, and more at Queness.

Repository of free Backgrounds, Wallpapers and Patterns.

Welcome to Bgrepeat, where you can find fresh, cool, minimalist and awesome backgrounds and wallpapers. There are LOTS and you can upload to their Repository. Coolness.

Amazing collection of Photoshop Patterns.

Working with Photoshop, you can save a lot of time if you can use the correct Photoshop patterns, styles and gradients. It also improves your creativity of work with very little effort. ArtAtm provides some of the most essential and useful patterns which may take lots of time to search on internet. They explain the installation process.

Download 80 beautifull HD Iphone Wallpapers.

Web3Mantra present 80 Beautiful iPhone wallpapers which are 320×480 pixels in resolution. They cover nature, retro and vintage, artwork, 3d, abstract and  space.

Aqueous Sun Texture Pack – 50 Free Images.

This amazing texture pack is the first of multiple packs being released on MediaMilitia exclusively from Aqueous Sun. In this pack there are a total of 50 images, all with high detail and resolution.

Denim Heaven: Denim Textures, Tutorials, Brushes, and Icons.

SoulTravelMedia presents Denim galore: Awesome free denim textures, tutorials, brushes, and icons! Need Denim? It’s here.