June 2009

Textures in action.

Need to design a new website? In a creative rut? Got a bucket of fantastic brushes to play with? The mind has achieved nirvana and is completely blank? Well, it looks like you need SmashingApps‘ ‘Inspiring web designs where textures are in full action’. Go get some inspiration.

Just brown paper.

SixRevisions offers 10 high quality free brown paper textures. If you need brown paper, you’ll find it here. That is all.

Fabric textures.

A free texture pack of 12 high-res images of fabrics is available at the designm.ag. Add it to your collection.

Would you like a free taste?

An elegant way to sell your product is to offer a free taste. Designers do pretty much the same thing when they offer freebies. Once tasted, you’re more likely to pay for the products they sell. That’s the theory anyway. The good folks at inspiredology, gomedia and designshard provide you with some excellent textures, wallpapers and vectors. For free.

You can almost feel the texture.

You just gotta love textures, and Texture Lovers certainly do. They’re reasonably new, but have already archived some beautiful single textures and texture packs. The bonus is that they provide texture inspiration and tutorials. You can also submit your own creations. Nice.

Wood and leaves.

I know that wood and leaf textures are rather eclectic, but if you need them you’ll find them at Six Revisions (Wood) (Leaf). They are all large-scale, high resolution and free.

It seems seamless.

Creating seamless textures in Photoshop can be tricky, so it helps to watch how a craftsman does it. Grab a source image and follow the simple tutorial at Lifehacker to make your own seamless texture.

Grunge extreme.

As I posted before, I heart grunge. For all you grungeaholics, Six Revisions provides us with high quality (3,000 pixels wide) Free grunge textures. The first set is here, the second set is here. Go nuts.

May 2009

Taking stock.

There’s a great roundup of royalty free stock photos and textures at Blueblots. Make sure you go to the bottom of the site where they list even more resources. This site should keep you busy for a while.

Textures of coolness.

The gang at Bittbox have a regular ‘Free Texture Tuesday‘. Check them out, every Tuesday.