August 2009

Over 270 sets of free and beautiful Watercolor textures.

Both grunge and watercolor effects are really cool and hot in web design industrial. There are a lot of website backgrounds using watercolor effect. Some people may think watercolor and grunge effects are “dirty”, but if you are able to mix the design with these effects, then you will have a beautiful layout which is able to give visitors an impressive appearance. So WebDesignBooth decided to share over 270 sets of free and beautiful watercolor textures that they have collected from various sources from the internet.

Over 70 awesome free textures and texture sets.

How you use textures is entirely up to you, but I’m sure you can’t resist to take a closer look at the selection you will find at TripwireMagazine. They have selected over 40 great textures on Flickr, all with Creative Commons license. They have also included a stunning list of texture resources that you can’t afford to miss. Before you use any of the textures make sure you check the license carefully.

30 HQ paint and pastels textures.

The use of textures in Web Design is extremely common and useful. Part of the reason for this is how easy it is to integrate them into designs when you have the right texture with the right quality, the quality is very important and will allow for endless combinations and final results. In this post by ScarletBits, you can download 30 different textures in a wide variety of Paint & Pastels category.

High-Res Textures. Lots.

These textures from DarkNews are free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, these images are NOT for resale (i.e. CD Bundles, etc.). Most are around 3000×2300 give or take some pixels. Some may have been cropped. If you’re looking for tiled textures, you may need to do some work on some of these — only a portion will work for tiling with some tweaking. Not all images are of the best quality; if you’re looking for the best, download the RAW versions (in either JPG or RAW format) as those were taken with my DSLR.

Free rusty shaped textures.

This week’s offering from PSDfan is four super high-res rusty shapes textures, free to use in your own designs. I’m not going to mention grunge.

Over 25 awesome new textures

You can never have too many textures! CreativityDen collected these textures from DeviantArt. A great community driven site with heaps of resources, from Photoshop brushes to actions. All thanks goes to the individual authors that captured these brilliant textures. Thanks guys and gals!

15 high-res red vinyl textures.

ThinkDesignBlog took a boatload of pictures at the Houston Art Car Museum. The resulting textures are 15 high-resolution subtle red vinyl textures. A bit different from the norm but he thinks they could be really useful for subtle design.

Book cover textures.

These are the inside covers of the books Bittbox ripped the pages from and burned for his burned paper textures. There’s no point in wasting these covers, so go ahead and download them.

New York concrete textures.

I’m not sure what makes New York concrete any different to any other concrete. But if you need authenticity, Texture Lovers have ten high resolution concrete textures taken during a trip to New York City.

Photoshop resources – Metal textures.

I have no idea of the language spoken on this website, but no matter. CanalPhotoshop presents some rather cool metallic textures that are pretty much self-explanatory.