January 2011

50 of the Best Seamless Pattern Sets – Updated.

There are no individual patterns in this post by SpeckyBoy, only complete sets, with each set containing anything from 3 patterns all the way up to 100, and are available in a variety of popular formats: .eps, .ai, .png, .pat, .psd and .jpg. You will find all kinds of varied patterns, such as fabrics, geometric shapes, flowery, retro, vintage, grunge, swirls, paper, dots, lines… and much more

December 2010

20 sets of free and awesome Watercolor Textures.

If you love real effects you cannot deny textures with watercolor effects. They are really astonishing and play a significant role to spell out the texture. WebDesignCore have come across a gorgeous variety of watercolor textures to share inspiration with all of you.

Beautiful Photoshop Patterns for Web Designers.

DjDesignerLab present some beautiful, absolutely Free Photoshop Patterns for their Web Designer friends (and you). There’s a lot to like in this collection of 20 textures.

November 2010

68 Brick Textures collection.

Bricks are a visual metaphor for many things, from Urban to Security issues. Vector-Eps has a large collection of Brick Textures to use in your designs. This is an old post that’s worth revisiting.

Seven subtle grunge pattern textures.

LostAndTaken has got a set of grunge pattern textures that he whipped up in Photoshop just for you guys. Click on the textures to download the high-res version, or download them all in a zip file at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

80 Free PSD Abstract Backgrounds.

Let us say, you are in need of design element which you can do it if only you have more time, but the thing here is, you don’t have enough time to finish a certain project. If it’s an Abstract background you need, OrphicPixel is here to help you beat the deadline.

The Holy Grail of outstanding Textures for Vintage Style Designs.

You can achieve a vintage look with a mixture of different images that are layered through an image editor like Photoshop, or through ready-made Photoshop vintage brushes. 1stWebDesigner features over 400 awesome vintage style textures and vintage brushes. Quite the Holy Grail.

12 Tea Stained Paper Textures.

LostAndTaken has previously posted several paper textures, this time they’ve been stained with, and seeped in, a thick tea tincture he made. The result is a gorgeous, rich texture that you may find really useful.

Free Circuit Board textures.

Bittbox has some cool circuit board textures for everyone. These were taken from random electronics he ripped apart, which is a lot of fun.

October 2010

A collection of 20 Free and Exclusive Textures.

In this collection of free textures, Lava360 compile different and various types of free textures. High in resolution and quality, you can use these textures as the background in your  next design or you can create some cool patterns to use in many ways