September 2009

Ten free high-quality Jeans textures.

NaldzGraphics has collected a bunch of a free Jeans textures. Most of these textures are 3500 x 2333 pixels so they will still look good if you resize it. If it’s denim you need, get going.

60 beautiful high-res paper textures.

An outstanding collection of 60 unique paper backgrounds from PhotoshopRoadmap, in high resolution image files. Each image shows a different type of paper that can be use as a background in your favorite layout software. Each one of the 15 different paper textures is presented in four styles. The plain texture, scanned from original high quality papers, plus three different folding effects for a total of 60 high resolution backgrounds. The folds and creases were applied using AutoFX Crease plugin from the DreamSuite Series I Collection.

25 free high-res watercolor textures.

These awesome watercolor textures are brought to you by Daniel Davidson, a freelance graphic designer. You can find them at LostAndTaken.

Free texture: Brown paper.

Ahhh yes…the venerable paper texture, arguably the most desired and utilized texture in today’s designs. Today Bittbox is offering up a nice set of brown paper textures with a nice little hint of grunge to them. These should come in handy for website backgrounds, adding a nice subtle texture to your illustrations, or…well, for whatever other uses you mind find for them.

Eight hi-res very distressed grunge textures.

WordPressDesignCardiff presents eight free grunge poster textures. The images were taken on underground tube stations in London . They just loved the ultra distressed look of the many layers of posters and thought they’d make quite useful textures, so here they are.

51 Awesome free fabric textures.

We all are well aware of the amazing effects of textures in web/graphic design. No matter if its a Banner, magazine ads, website backgrounds or any other artwork we are working on – with a great texture there is always scope for a more creative result. There are a vast variety of textures which have been used by designers around the world, including Metal, Wood, Paper, Cardboard, etc. and today Reencoded share some awesome and free Fabric Textures.

30 HQ exclusive wall textures.

The use of textures in Web Design is extremely common and useful. Part of the reason for this is how easy it is to integrate them into designs when you have the right texture with the right quality. The quality is very important and will allow for endless combinations and final results. In this exclusive post from ScarletBits, you can download 30 different textures in a wide variety of Walls.

August 2009

Free high resolution textures for designers and 3D artists.

Textures, and especially the high resolution texture resources, are most helpful for both designers that would like to use these textures in Photoshop, or as 3D textures and maps for 3D designers. GraphicMania presents free 3D textures and a high resolution texture collection in different styles for different usage.

Innovative wood texture pack.

From now GeekSucks will try to provide you with various texture packs on a monthly basis. Right now, they are providing you with a pack of 14 wood textures. All these textures have a resolution of 3888 x 2592.

Free high quality grunge metal textures.

Grungy, old or dirty metal textures can be great for poster design, overlay for background and more. In this post DesiznTech shares ten metal textures that you can use for your design project. You download each texture by clicking on them, or look at the whole set on the Photobucket page. Or download all textures in a zipped file that has the highest resolution