November 2009

Super Useful Paper Textures.

It’s amazing, but some of the greatest textures sites don’t have paper textures, so Abduzeedo ended up going to DeviantART as usual… and geez, what a great resource! So here are the textures he found. Don’t forget to check out DeviantART for more (but really, these are the best in his opinion).

KenSHinH Fiber Backgrounds.

KenSHinH brings us a super-handy Free File of the Month this month, with his Fiber Backgrounds.  Be sure to grab his textures and check out his other great files at GraphicRiver!

Damage textures.

This week’s Texture Thursday offers four super high-res damage textures, free to use in your own designs. You’ll find them at PSDFan.

High-Res Plaster textures.

ThinkDesign has got some textures that are a bit different. It’s called Joint Compound (also known as drywall compound) and is a white substance similar to plaster used to seal joints between sheets of drywall. It is often referred to simply as mud.

Bokeh Effects Pack – 42 Free Images.

This bokeh pack at MediaMilitia has a wide range of different styles, colors and clusters. They were all photographed – no fake digital bokehs here! They look outstanding by themselves, as a background or even a texture overlay in your design. If you don’t like the colors, you can easily change them by adding a hue/saturation adjustment layer in Photoshop. Now go be creative and have some fun!

Pattern grunge texture.

Bittbox tried doing something a little different with today’s texture set by mixing in some basic Photoshop patterns with various grunge textures. The results kind of remind him of grungy Christmas wrapping paper of sorts (it is almost that time of the year).

The Big Collection of free Design Textures.

With a digital camera or intermediate to advanced skills in Photoshop, textures are easy to make. One thing we may run out of is time. Time to make or even the countless hours surfing the Web for the perfect texture. Noupe presents an extensive collection of resources with textures, from which you can choose the perfect background image for your next design.

November Textures: Woven Pandanus, Fiber, Scribbles Pastel.

Artfans are sharing eight free textures: two Pandanus woven textures which is actually a wrapper used in authentic Indonesian food, three fiber textures , and three Scribbles Pastel textures. Licenses: personal purposes, for commercial purpose please ask them.

High quality Dirty Wall textures.

NaldzGraphics presents 11 free Grungy Wall Textures that you can use for your future project. You can download these free textures on Flickr. Most of these textures are in 3888 x 2592 pixels wide for resizing purposes. Feel free to download and share these textures with your friends.

Tea-Stained Paper texture set.

Designm.Ag is releasing a set of 14 tea-stained paper textures. The textures can be used for personal or commercial projects. You can download the entire set in a zip file or you can get them individually from the Flickr set.