April 2010

Movie Posters Inspiration: Blaxploitation.

Blaxploitation is a film genre that emerged in the United States in the early 1970s when many exploitation films were made that targeted an audience of urban black people. Blaxploitation films were the first to feature soundtracks of funk and soul music and starred primarily black actors. Check out the showcase at Abduzeedo.

A comparative design look at Remakes of Movie Posters.

Movie posters have been around for longer than most of us have lived – thus, studying them can give us insights on how design has progressed throughout recent history. In this collection at SixRevisions, we will look at how poster design has developed over the years, looking at films that have been remade.

The evolution of Animation Film Posters.

Movie posters, just like the movies themselves, have changed dramatically over the past seventy years. SpyreStudios showcases a selection of advertising posters of some of the most well-known and greatest animated full length productions/movies known to man.

27 marvelous Old Circus Posters.

Bright colors, humorous taglines, and exciting copy work like magic on circus posters. Their designs instantly catch our attention and make us more eager to witness magical, exciting, and entertaining performances. With their interesting details, circus posters already provide entertainment to the audience even before the show starts. OnlinePosterPrinting presents a wonderful showcase.

Amazing Typographic Movie Posters.

You must have seen many articles on typographic posters but during his search, Pelfusion wasn’t able to find any post on typographic movie posters. So he thought why not compile a list of typographic movie poster designs for your inspiration. Why not indeed!

March 2010

18 Rock Music Poster Designs.

Rock music poster designs need to have a definitive edge that separates them from every other rock poster on the street. Creative brilliance needs to come into play for the designers to build a rock poster design that resonates the band’s or the event’s unique vibe – and sells. Check out LargeFormatPoster’s showcase.

London Transit Posters 1900-1939.

The London Transport Museum website contains an insanely huge collection of poster designs. Over 5000, to be exact. You can search the gallery by date, by artist, or by theme. WordsAndEggs presents some of her favorite poster designs from the 1900s to the 1930s

26 smashing Band Concert Posters.

Band concert posters often reflect the band’s personality, music genre, and creative vision. The efficient use of visual elements allows people to feel the energy and excitement even before seeing the actual band perform live. To salute the talented artists behind these amazing works of art, OnlinePosterPrinting have collected 26 smashing band concert posters for your entertainment.

Vintage European Poster Designs.

If you like old school design distinct from the latest technologies that we have now days, this post at Abduzeedo will truly inspire you. It’s amazing to see how good these poster designs are, knowing that most of them are 100 years old.

Creative Children’s Movies Posters.

Although OnlinePosterPrinting already passed her childhood days, she still feels giddy whenever she sees trailers of upcoming children’s movies. Inspired by the playfulness of these films, she’s picked 20+ children’s movies poster designs for your entertainment. Scroll down and feast your eyes on these fun and creative poster designs.