June 2010

25 Juicy Information Poster Designs.

Graphic designers nowadays are creating information posters that are cleaner, more creative, modern, and understandable than the norm. They combined good typography and interesting visuals to come up with designs that instantly grab attention. OnlinePosterPrinting feature 27 information poster design samples that present facts in a fresh and creative way.

33 stunning examples of Black Poster Designs.

Most often, black is associated with negativity and bad luck. However, this color can produce striking and high-impact graphic designs when combined with the right colors. OnlinePosterPrinting bring you 33 stunning examples of black art poster designs that effectively showcase the beauty of this timeless color.

Vintage Sci Fi Movie Posters.

Part three of MonsieurBandit’s Movie Posters series. Today: science fiction, monster movies and all things weird and out of this world. Posters from all over the world but also, again, lots from behind the old iron curtain. Enjoy.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Official Gig Posters.

FlyerGoodness checked in on the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club website a few days ago to see when they’d be playing around Los Angeles.  A pleasant surprise shows up in the navigation bar:  a gallery of a ton of their gig posters, from 2006 on.  While they don’t list the artist credits and it’s probably not a complete collection, here’s some of the favorites that you definitely should take a look at.

100 Years of Propaganda: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

SmashingMagazine looks at various types of propaganda and the people behind it, people who are rarely seen next to their work. You will also see how the drive for propaganda shaped many of the modern art movements we see today. Notice that this post isn’t supposed to be an ultimate showcase of propaganda artists.

25 Circles Poster Designs.

As OPP was browsing through the web for some inspiration, she found web designs that used circles as visual elements. It’s interesting how designers maximized the shape to create unique and striking works of art. Inspired by the efficient and creative use of circles in web and graphic design, she put together 25 cool examples of circle posters.

38 Vintage Political Posters of World War II.

Taking into consideration that politics basically means the process in which people make collective decisions, the following posters produced in the US back in World War II are prime examples of how the various federal agencies have motivated the public back then to make the best, most productive decisions during those trying times. The showcase is at LargeFormatPosters.

Travel Art Posters to inspire you.

Travel posters are considered important tools in advertising and help boost tourism of a particular place. Aside from being effective marketing tools, these posters also allow us to take a peek into a country’s culture and its beautiful hot spots. OnlinePosterPrinting has a showcase of 40 examples, and WordsAndEggs feature vintage North American travel posters. Let’s go!

30 Rocking Band Posters.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there. LeeGustin has had a pretty rocking weekend so far, being able to see Sandlot Heroes and We The Kings play some awesome music at MayFair in Allentown, PA. Inspired by their music, he decided to do a post of some great band/gig posters, enjoy!

Propagit – Propaganda and Agitation Posters.

The Department of Propaganda and Agitation (propagit) develops posters for the education of the proletarian mass and the bureaucrats, seeking the accomplishment of the brilliant Soviet way of life! Let go of capitalism, visit Abduzeedo and may you be as well illuminated by the generous red star!