July 2011

Tips for effective Poster Design.

Creating an effective poster is different to designing print flyers or brochures. You need to grab your audience’s attention in half a second, sometimes from across the street and you need to make sure you can communicate the main message clearly and quickly. CrazyLeafDesign has 23 tips to ensure your next poster is a winner. It’s all basic stuff, but surprising how many designers can get these fundamentals wrong.

June 2011

Pan Am Tourism Posters.

In its 64 year existence Pan Am produced hundreds of posters promoting aircraft, service & destinations. Identified by its blue globe logo and the use of the word “Clipper” in aircraft names and call signs, the airline was a cultural icon of the 20th century. WebExpedition18 presents a sampling of different styles from different eras.

April 2011

Hand Made Theatre Posters.

Abduzeedo takes a look inside an amazing project from Alfalfa Studio where they documented the making of a hand made poster campaign and the result is outstanding. The posters were hand-made using cut paper, paint, glue, and other craft materials.

March 2011

Formula 1 Posters, 2011 Season Calendar.

Those who are fans of motor sport already know that pretty soon they can enjoy a new season of Formula 1. Whether you are a Formula 1 fan or not, this showcase at Designmodo is pretty inspiring either way.

Music Genres Poster Series.

Abduzeedo presents a poster series curated by Edit where a bunch of different designers were asked to represent a musical genre using one shape and one type. The result is awesome, every poster has a unique style and represents its music genres very well.

February 2011

Vintage Cold War Home Front Posters.

These amazing vintage home front posters at Uprinting are from a time where America was ostensibly at peace, but was but a hair’s breadth away from total annihilation. It might be hard to imagine for many young people today to understand the mindset of people back then. Eerie.

December 2010

Mind-Blowing Art Nouveau Posters.

The Art Nouveau style was de rigeur for a relatively short time, from the 1890s up until the first part of the 1900s. This era in visual art however, was and remains extremely important for providing the link between the classical styles of earlier times with modern schools of designs. Uprinting has a wonderful showcase.

Pearl Jam Tour Posters.

As you can see in these Pearl Jam tour posters, the art their music inspired is diverse. No overly-long, corny cornucopia of skulls and boring indecipherable typography. Instead we are treated to a little of the best of everything from all worlds. Sit back and check out the samples OPP picked out just for you!

Movie Posters… then and now.

There are several types of film posters: Lobby cards, teaser posters, character posters, motion posters and remix posters. Film posters come in different sizes and styles depending on the country. Check out the adorable vintage posters at WebExpedition18. Then have a look at current trends at Noupe. I guess some themes never die.

November 2010

45 creative Poster Designs.

One of Bluefaq’s favorite forms of finding inspiration from the works of others is through poster designs. The large canvas opens up a variety of options for designers to display their creative skills in many different forms. Some are minimal and focus more on typography and shapes, others are flashy and take advantage of beautiful use of colors and a few take the grunge/retro approach adding appealing textures to their designs.