February 2010

Ten tips for creating a Photography Kit on a budget.

As we continue to wait out the aftermath of one of history’s worst economic disasters, it can be prudent to continue to cut spending where possible. The digital medium does mean shooting costs are substantially lowered, but equipment and accessory costs can be still high. DPS have compiled a few simple home remedies for creating kit on a budget.

The Full Guide to Professional Landscape Photography.

There are several types of photographers and there are many that have come to be specialist at a certain type of photography such as landscape photography. There is just something that touches the viewer when they see a photograph of a field of flowers or a churning sea. It can bring back memories or lead them off into their own fantasy world and it’s all done with a simple photograph. LoreleiWeb gives you some useful pointers.

How to make the jump from automatic shooting to manual shooting.

Thanks to modern technology, a high-end digital SLR camera can be just as easy to use as any point-and-shoot pocket camera.  Taking a picture is simple!  Just set the camera on auto mode, point and shoot!  The camera takes care of everything else automatically.  Pretty great, right? But if you have talked to your camera nerd friends or have read anything online, you’ve certainly heard of a mysterious”manual” mode.  You’ve probably also heard that it is “better than automatic” and that “automatic mode is stupid.” Check out MakeThePhoto’s analysis.

All you need to know about Shutter Speed Priority for DSLR Cameras.

If you want to be a professional photographer you must know how to use the settings that are on your camera and how to use them. As you learn more about photography you will learn that setting you camera at f/4 aperture priority and a shutter speed of 1/250 sec. will give you the same amount of exposure as an f/2.8 with 1/500 shutter speed and the f/4 setting with 1/125 sec. LoreleiWebDesign explains.

Double Exposure Tips and Photos.

In the world of artistic photography, double exposures can result in some very interesting stuff. Some can be well thought out compositions with shapes and exposures meant to complement the other frame. Others can be happy accidents that exhibit a magic mixture of luck and randomness. In either case, a good double exposure catches the viewer’s attention and presents a distorted reality that would not be possible to see without a camera. Find out how to get the best results at EpicEdits.

21 Essential Shots you should capture on your next trip.

For those of us that love travel and photography, there is nothing more liberating than being set free in a distant land, camera in hand. Everything is new, vivid and exciting and it seems like we can never bring enough memory cards to capture it all. PhotoTutsPlus looks at 21 essential photos you should aim to capture on your next trip away!

Four Digital Photography tips for the year ahead.

Photography should be a fun, creative outlet and way to express yourself.  Unfortunately it’s easy to get lost in the details or the vastness of it all. So if you’re just starting out, or you want a refresher on some important foundational guidelines, follow along at DPS and see what they think are four basic tips of digital photography to master before heading out into the great unknown.

One way to get a perfect Portrait.

Portraits are one of the most popular types of photography from amateurs through to pros. Unfortunately, they can also be tough if you’re looking for a really good shot. But there is a simple “trick” you can use to dramatically increase the effectiveness of portraits. It usually doesn’t require any extra gear and you can pretty much do it from anywhere. LightStalking explains.

Formal Portraits: Questions for a novice photographer to ask beforehand.

Most beginners take photos to capture an event, or moment in time; a birthday party, a trip, a new family member, a cherished pet. These are usually considered “snapshots”. What we all like about good snapshots is that they remind us of stories. What about a portrait, which tends to be taken in neutral surroundings, thereby robbing us of the story aspect? See if you can answer the following seven questions the next time you want to “shoot” a portrait. PictureCorrect suggests questions for a novice photographer to ask beforehand.

A Photographer’s Guide to working with Magazines.

Magazines present a great opportunity to have your work seen by many people in diverse places. Magazines, like most of the journalism field, have had their ups and downs over the past years, but many still exist and are always in need of great photography. PhotoTutsPlus will help you understand what magazines and publishers are looking for in terms of photos, quality, standards and editing.