July 2011

The Complete List of Top Instagram Apps.

Instagram has a user base of over 7 million and the amount of third party apps that have cropped up around the service is impressive. In no particular order, TheNextWeb have put together a list of the many apps and sites available for use with your Instagram account.

Meet the Top 15 Photographers on Instagram.

Learn how Instagram’s most-followed users are using the iPhone application to supplement their work and capture the world in unique ways. Mashable asked each Instagram user to share a favorite shot, and they augment those photos with their own editorial selections.

A Manual Photography Cheat Sheet.

LivingInTheStills has created an attractive Cheat Sheet for those who eschew the Auto setting on their cameras. Manual Photography provides you with full control over your camera and this little chart explains the settings clearly.

June 2011

Beautiful examples of Depth Of Field Photography.

Depth of field means the sharp area surrounding the point of focus. It depends upon three things: aperture setting, focal length and distance between the camera and the subject. In this collection, AcrisDesign have compiled some amazing and professional examples of depth of field photos along with a few tips.

How to make photos of Statues a little more interesting.

In almost any city there are a heap of great statues that get photographed thousands of times by tourists every year. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it’s good to try to make your images stand out a little. LightStalking presents a few tips to get your statue photographs to stand out from the crowd.

May 2011

Useful Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials.

TripwireMagazine have rounded up some simple and easy to follow tutorials that you can study in order to improve your skills in digital photography. This is a great resource for all photographers.

April 2011

Seven ways for Photographers to improve their Photoshop game.

Many photographers find Photoshop to be a challenging and frustrating program with a large learning curve.  Although nothing substitutes for learning the basics, there are some simple steps you can take to improve Photoshop’s performance and also improve your Photoshop abilities. CreativeFan shares the knowledge.

How to photograph a Sunrise.

It takes a bit of effort to photograph a sunrise, but the hardest part is the task of waking up really early. Taking the shot is not so tricky with these tips from DPS.

March 2011

Tutorials to become a Master of Photography.

Today’s showcase is for photographers. SmashingHub have collected 33 unique photography tutorials that will enhance your skills.

Understanding and utilising Deep Depth-of-Field.

What most people don’t know is that when they upgrade from their point-and-shoot cameras, they are also accessing the ability to use a really deep depth-of-field. PhotoTutsPlus go deep into the uses of the deep depth-of-field and some corresponding techniques.