May 2010

African Packaging Design and Designers.

Packaging design is the first point of contact between the customer and the product and is most effective when it captures your attention and provokes you to feel and communicate certain emotions toward a product. Packaging Design in Africa has always been creative and innovative with its eclectic use of color, illustration, typography and materials. AfricanDigitalArt presents some examples from or inspired by Africa.

Candy Packaging that will tickle your sweet tooth.

The great aspect of candy packaging, is the limitless options you are presented with. Due to the fun, colourful aspect of candy bars, you will often find many amazing, intelligent designs that capture the users imagination. And you’ll find a nice showcase at Pelfusion.

Beautiful Coffee Packaging Roundup.

As a good Italian, EsterLiquori is coffee addicted. She simply loves coffee made with a traditional moka, short and strong as is Italian style. With this passion, she’s collected some nice coffee packaging that she wants to share as inspiration.

April 2010

A showcase of beautiful Packaging Designs.

Apart from displaying the important information, packaging has become an important sales tool. With the use of illustration, color, typography and even various packaging materials, a beautiful and attractive package can boost the selling and stands out from the rack of competitors. DzineBlog presents 45 packaging designs to inspire you.

Strange and unique Soda Flavors and Packaging.

There are a lot of soda flavors that are either seasonal, or popular in other countries, that are favored by only a small niche in the gigantic worldwide soda market. WebUrbanist presents nine overlooked soda flavors and styles that would liven up anyone’s day.

Packaging Tips Of The Week.

PackagingDiva presents a weekly roundup of tips and tricks for designers. This is her current collection for this week.

Unique (and creative) Package Designs.

This post at SmashingApps deals with some effectively designed packaging that are simply very attractive, impressive and you simply can’t resist having them on your shelf!

March 2010

Beautiful Bottles – Packaging Inspiration.

BitRebels have chosen some wonderful examples of a designer’s creativity at work. You will notice the designs highlighted have different elements on the bottles. One emphasizes the label and another emphasizes the shape of the bottle itself. You’ll see the fun elements added to the designs making them very interesting and truly eye catching.

The best and most exciting ways to bottle up your Beer.

This roundup at DesignJuices features several different types of unique beer package designs, all of which are of the highest quality.

25 beautiful vodka bottle and package designs.

Last week we extolled the virtues of Whisky bottles and packaging. Now it’s the turn of the Vodka brigade. FrancescoMugnai has done a superb job of rounding up some stunning package designs found on Vodka bottles. If you are uninspired, check your pulse…you’re probably dead.