July 2010

15 inspirational Package Designs using Type.

The kind of typography here that we will be showcasing can be described aptly as display typography. Type is combined with negative space, graphic elements and pictures, forming relationships and dialog between words and images. Minervity have put together a collection of various package designs with typography as the main element.

Spectacular Illustration and Text Art Packaging.

The following packaging designs are all designs which have inspired DesignJuices’ immediate attention and sparked a real interest in thinking ‘now why didn’t i think of that.‘ Be inspired by this showcase of great packaging designs

Outstanding Packaging Designs.

Abduzeedo came across these really cool packaging designs and thought she’d share them with you. It’s about time manufacturers got to work on some nice packaging for their products. That is what lures the buyers in, after-all… 😉

Beautiful and inspiring Food Package Designs.

CreativeFan showcases 20 beautiful and inspiring package designs for a variety of foods and drinks, including coffee, tea, cookies, and bodybuilding drinks.  Even if you’re not a package designer, you’ll still wish these products were available in your local grocery store.

Intelligently made Food Packaging.

DesignYourWay guesses that you’re bored by the old and common food package designs made by antique standards. Young designers figured that out too and tried to make product packaging somehow different, combining colors in an interesting way and creating interesting food packaging concepts that would attract the everyday costumer.

June 2010

25 great examples of good typography in packaging.

Typography is everywhere: in books, on websites, on billboards, on tv… and of course on packages you buy at the store. In general, typography on packaging is not outstanding. Designers get limited space, tons of text to add and clients to deal with. However, sometimes packaging designers use typography as the central element on packages, and the the result can be quite astonishing, like in these 25 examples at DesignerDaily.

Pasta Packaging: Comparing the New Solutions with Italian Tradition.

EsterLiquori analyzes some foreign examples of pasta packaging, if they communicate the right message and how they can be ranked compared with the most famous Italian pasta marks: Barilla.

30 high quality product Package Designs.

Packaging helps to swing the thoughts and opinions of consumers to make one product outsell another it is against on the shelves. This roundup and showcase of packaging designs at DesignBeep features several products which have amazing graphics and all of which I found to be of the highest quality.

Unique wine labels and logos.

Good wine logos and labels that weave a tale are nothing short of spectacular and designers that step outside the proverbial bottle and goblet imagery never fail to amaze Sneh at LBOI. Check out her showcase.

The Tyranny of Best Practices in Packaging.

If you find yourself playing from the “best practice rule book”, expect an 80% chance of failure.  Think about that.  If you do everything “right”, utilize everything you’ve been taught and learned in your career, follow all the rules, you’ll launch a product that is likely doomed for failure. TheDieline explains.