September 2009

How can your packaging become disruptive?

Rapid commoditization of consumer products. Jaded consumers. A tough economy that has changed customers’ spending habits. Perhaps permanently. How can a consumer product company grow, or even survive in this new paradigm? TheDieline has been mulling this over for awhile and it seems to him that it’s time to become “disruptive”.

Latest Top 10 package designs.

The latest installment from Dieline, this weeks top ten package designs as voted by their readers.

45 tempting package designs – Decorate your lives!

To share my admiration for creative packaging, which madly tempt me to buy them, GraphicDesignBlog has collected 45 colorful and appealing package designs. Next time when you are off for your grocery shopping, you may end up buying such amazingly packaged products instead of your required stuff.

15 Great package redesigns.

A product’s packaging main purpose is to attract the customers attention (besides holding the product itself obviously). Nowadays it’s hard to stand out from dozens of competing products. That’s why companies try to change the colours or shape of their product packaging. This can sometimes increase sales dramatically. A few simple adjustments can mean a world of difference. In this post, TheRoxor has collected 15 great package redesigns for your inspiration.

2007 & 2008 on The Dieline.

TheDieline has been around for quite awhile now and for over the past two and a half years, they have collected over 2000 examples of the best packaging from across the globe. Each week they feature some of their favorites from the same period last year, the year before that, and so on.

15 stylish packaging designs you will die for. has rounded up a wonderful selection of fresh packaging designs. The products and designs are quite diverse, but they all share one quality…creativity.