August 2010

Minimalism in Logo Design: Positively perfect Negative Spaces.

There is a difference between taking a minimalistic approach, and trying to figure out how to include all of the client’s wishes in as compact and subtle a design as possible. So many designers take an understated approach, because that is what they think serves the design the best. Cleverly subtle and unique logos are showcased at FreelanceLogo.

50 Green and Eco Logos.

In the spirit of going green and keeping things eco-friendly, FreelanceReview have collected 50 creative logos supporting this theme. Be inspired by their gallery of clever eco logos!

Five amazing logo designs created using numbers.

KiwiTemplate showcase a cool and interesting collection of logos created using numbers. Take a few minutes to look through them and you’re sure to get some useful ideas for your artwork!

A showcase of cool Fruit Logos.

Fruits are most often used in logos because they have pretty and warm colors and they are easy to remember (when you want to establish a better position of the company’s name or products in the consumer’s mind). DesigniousTimes has made a collection of logos with fruity designs.

40 Red Logo Designs for aspiring Logo Designers.

BlueBlots share a collection of logos which are red in color that will surely inspire new and aspiring designers. They claim that choosing red as a color of your logo design will effectively promote instant visibility.

Single Letter Logos vs Multiple Letter Logos – More or Less?

LogoBlog has collected an assortment of 24 single and multiple letter logos. This will demonstrate a contrast between both the types and help identify which is more useful.

Logo Design: Hearts.

There’s no need to say much about The Logo Design series at Abduzeedo. It’s good, it’s regular, and this time they feature Hearts as their theme.

Logos inspired by the Sun.

Let’s take a look at some bright and warm looking logos that were inspired by the almighty hot sphere fireball that is – the sun. Don’t forget your sun block and sun glasses as the outlook seems very bright at WebDesignMash.

23 of the best Logo Redesigns in 2010.

Getting a logo redesigned is sometimes needed to keep up with trends and to stand out in the market. FreelanceLogo have taken a look at some of the redesigns that have been done in the first half of 2010.

Simplistic but effective Logo Designs.

Sometimes designers can get carried away with trying to incorporate too many complicated elements into a logo. It’s better to keep things simple and make use of clever negative space and typography. These types of marks are usually far more effective and memorable. To inspire you, WDL present 20 Examples of Simplistic but Effective Logo Designs.