August 2011

20 delicious Pizza Logos.

Pizza Shops are everywhere, in most cities across the planet. As well as the ubiquitous franchises such as Dominos and Pizza Hut, there are thousands of small businesses all vying for a slice of the action. And they all have to have a unique identity. Check out this selection at CreativeFan.

The secret behind Starbucks’ logo.

Under careful analysis, it’s interesting how much ‘story’ is attached to a popular logo. Take the Starbucks logo for instance; is it a mermaid or a siren? And why does it appear to have two tails? This mystery piqued the interest of EndicottStudio who delved into the history of the mermaid/siren, with surprising revelations. Simply fascinating, don’t miss it.

July 2011

20 clever Punctuation based Logo Designs.

LogoDesignIdeas showcases a bunch of clever Punctuation-based Logo Designs from some of the most creative logo designers around the internet. You’ll be impressed by the intelligence of some of these logos.

Totally White logo design.

White logo design is reasonably common and can be effectively used on most colored backgrounds. In some situations these logos must appear on a black background, but it is the carefully chosen background color that identifies the company. SdwHaven has a nice collection for you to peruse.

June 2011

Beautiful Spherical Logos.

A good and creative logo can convey the right message or concept in an effective and eye catching way, and it has been proved that circular logos get more results. TopDesignMag shows just how popular the circle is in logo design.

More clever Logos with hidden Symbolism.

BoredPanda proudly present 40 more clever logos with hidden Symbolism. They also have a link to Part One of the series. And if that’s not enough, you can revisit GraphicDesignBlog for 24 more intriguing examples. The logos presented at these two sites are the most interesting you’ll find on the web.

May 2011

Wine Logo Designs for inspiration.

AcrisDesign have collected 35 wine based logo designs to help the logo designer in their next project. This is a showcase worth reposting.

Black and White Logos Showcase.

In the past, all logos were required to be reproduceable in newspapers. This meant your logo needed a black and white version. Nowadays, designers are creating logos in mono not because of restrictions, but for the sheer beauty of the design itself. TopDesignMag has an interesting showcase of logos in many colors, as long as they’re black.

Leaves and Logo Design.

This weeks logo combination at SdwHaven was suggested by a reader and consists of logos that use leaves in their design. Keep an eye on this website, it rocks!

Dogs and Logo Design.

This week’s combination at SdwHaven are logos that use dogs in their design. Woof!