July 2009

E-Commerce icon collection.

Using icons in e-commerce websites is almost a standard, as users generally search for a shopping cart icon to view the items in the basket, or credit card icons to find out if such a payment option exists. You’ll find heaps of them at WebResourcesDepot.

Free and useful GUI icon sets.

Icons are everywhere in a website, and their primary purpose of guiding and giving out information to visitors is a highly important one. Other than words themselves, these little graphics within a website tell you how you can move to the next page, cancel a transaction, checkout the cart and the likes, basically the entire navigation. In a general sense, they act as symbols that allow easier and smoother communication between the webpage and the person interacting with it. You’ll find 40 free and useful GUI icon sets at Hongkiat.

30 Twitter Icon Sets .

Placing a Twitter “follow me” button on your website or blog is certainly one of the easiest way to convert visitors into Twitter followers. Designing a beautiful Twitter icon or badge can be challenging, but the good news is – there are plenty of nice high quality Twitter icons and badges available for free at Hongkiat.

PSD shopping cart icons set.

Useful PSD shopping cart icons set for web shops. There’s a shopping cart icon, plus 4 custom made icons, add and remove item from cart, best price and new item icons. Download editable PSD source from PSDgraphics, and customize it to your needs.

Over 110 free RSS icon sets.

RSS syndication is one of the most common methods to connect visitors to your site. And to make things easy for you, GeekSucks is sharing a huge collection of free RSS icons.

More than 100,000 icons in one place.

The header says it all, more than 100,000 icons at IconFinder. Go on, you know you want to look.

Free icon sets for professional web designers.

Icons are a staple of the design industry – every day new sets are being released into the world, most often with little to no attention. Icons can be helpful to provide users with memorable metaphors and illustrations that would provide a visual support for otherwise unspectacular text blocks. VisionWidget has collected over 15 excellent free icon sets for professional web designers.

Decorative seasonal RSS icon pack.

Pretty much everyone’s using RSS now. Wouldn’t it be cool to use a different seasonal themed icon for each season? With these Seasonal RSS Icons from Tutorial9, representing Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter it’s possible! Each icon is in .png format sized at 256×256px with transparent backgrounds.

Creating icons.

‘Icon’ is a design term describing a graphic symbol that represents a program, function, data or collection of data on a computer system. Creating an icon can be relatively simple, with the right tutorial. BlueBlots has twenty such tutorials, using Illustrator. Have fun.

Free Adobe icons.

This is a nice, unique set of icons representing Adobe’s graphic products. They’re free and you’ll find them at Vectorss.