November 2009

150 High-Quality Chinese Icons.

Can’t get enough of feng shui, ying yang and kung fu? Then you’ve probably been looking for some good-looking Chinese icons. Look no more, because TheRoxor has collected 150 beautiful, high-quality Chinese icons. And they’re all free!

Stunning Icons in 49 Icon Packages.

DesignBeep has collected some great icon sets from deviantArt. I think whenever you place these kind of icons in your web site, it will really attract your visitors and make them visit again. Just click on the set picture and you will be directed to the source to download. Hope you enjoy this collection.

20 Merry Icon Sets for Christmas.

Christmas is always a busy time of year for online sales, and just the right icons can spruce your site up nicely for all of those customers that should be streaming through your virtual doors. Sitepoint has  gathered up 20 icon sets you can use on sites, desktops and even in print ads that should set just the right tone for you this year.

Seven sets of Christmas Icons for everyone.

These cheery Christmas icons are part of Huibit’s Horizon Collection. The Horizon icons are designed in the Microsoft Windows Vista style, a perfect match for latest generation applications. The icons feature bright vivid colours, detailed objects and rich glass effects.

October 2009

Six Icon Editors to create and edit Icons.

WebDesignBooth shares Six Useful Free Icon Editors where you can create and edit your icons for free. Some of them offer advanced features like extract icons from binary for free.

21 extremely useful Icon Sets for designers.

After poring through blogs of designers and design enthusiasts who are often generous with their freebies, LittleBoxOfIdeas has compiled a list of 21 fantastic icon sets that would jazz up a website layout in minutes. Most of them are free for personal and commercial use, some only allow personal use, just remember to check the terms of usage before actually using them.

Over 600 placemark icons for maps.

Map Icons Collection from WebResourcesDepot is a set of 600+ free placemark icons that can be used to mention almost anything on maps with style. The set is categorized very well in the project’s wiki pages like restaurants, culture, sports & much more. Sizes of the icons are mostly 27*27px or 32*37px and they are all transparent PNG format.

Rad social network icon pack.

Introducing 80+ ridiculously rad social networking icons, made by deft-fingered Haitian refugees, not really… but really. KomodoMedia has developed over 80 refined, amazing social networking icons for the top networks around. They’re all the rage with you crazy newsk00l intarweb kids.

Lots of cool icons.

IconesPro is a French website with a nice collection of free icons, well presented with a horizontal scrolling menu.

Sensational RSS Icons.

Everybody and there mother seem to have posted their own roundup of RSS icons. EchoEnduring presents some of the icons that he thinks are sensational, either in their simplicity, their execution or their creativity. The more the merrier.