October 2010

How to handle difficult client situations.

Having a good idea of how to deal with client problems beforehand will make it easier to react when they occur. It’s important to figure out what your values are and what you are willing to do before setting out in the business world. The solutions to the problems at SixRevisions aren’t always easy and they aren’t going to be the same for everyone, but they’re a great place to start.

How to convince the client that your design is perfect.

As designers who deal with clients, we all have to face one situation, no matter how difficult and uncomfortable, and that is guiding the client to accept that your design is perfect. SmashingMagazine presents an overview of some tips and techniques you can employ when you find yourself butting heads with a client

September 2010

Showing sketches to clients.

“Can I see sketches?” It’s a perfectly valid client-request. After all, the expectation is simply to see a greater variety of ideas before choosing one to run with. So that’s good, right? Well, no. DavidAirey explains.

Networking 101 (Plus 15 Great Freelance Networking Strategies).

Networking is essential to freelancers. Through networking, we build relationships with individuals and companies that may eventually become our clients. FreelanceFolder define networking, correct any misperceptions that you may have about networking, and list 15 networking strategies that you might not be aware of.

How to Cold Call a Big Customer.

Does the thought of ringing a Fortune 500 firm and asking a high-profile executive for some face time give you goose bumps? There’s good cause to be anxious about cold calling. Large corporations are cautious, hierarchical, and difficult to penetrate. Inc describes how to pitch a highly visible company and turn one call into a future sale.

August 2010

26 common Freelancing mistakes to avoid.

FreelanceFolder lists 26 common mistakes that freelancers make when they are starting out–mistakes that you can avoid because you’re reading this post.

Designers, “Hacks” and Professionalism.

Every freelancer who has dared to provide an actual estimate for their work has heard in reply, “I can get it done cheaper.” And the client can. The job, which requires thousands to be done properly, can be delivered for hundreds, and its horridness would never be noticed by the client. SmashingMagazine explores the topic.

July 2010

Six things you shouldn’t tolerate in freelance projects.

Inexperienced freelancers are always excited about picking up new clients, without considering any possible drawbacks. The trouble is that some clients can make unreasonable demands and they simply tolerate such behaviour. SixRevisions shares his experiences and the six things he pledges not to accept anymore.

How to handle clients objecting to your fees.

You’ve come across a project, you’ve assessed the requirements of the project, and you have sent a proposal to the client, which includes the reasonable fees. The client contacts you, thanks you for your interest, and then informs you that in order to consider your proposal they would need you to reconsider your cost. Make sure you avoid making the wrong call on a questioning client, and follow the advice in this article at TheProDesigner.

Cold Calling Techniques.

Cold calling is usually not one of the favourite activities of most freelancers, but BusinessBalls has some welcome advice. Good cold calling – performed properly and not as merely an indiscriminate ‘numbers game’ – is a fundamental and highly transferable capability, whose basic principles are found in the behaviours and techniques of all great entrepreneurs and leaders.