February 2011

10 reasons why you need a Mobile Office.

Did you know that a small, purposeful workflow change can make your life significantly better? Yep, that change is having a mobile office, and there are 10 reasons why a mobile office can improve your design work and life. SpyreStudios explains.

January 2011

Working as an In-House Web Designer.

If you want to pursue full-time employment in the web design industry but not in an agency, then chances are that you’ll be looking at working as an in-house web designer or developer for an internet based company. This type of role comes with its own lists of benefits and challenges to consider before throwing yourself headlong down this career path. WebDesignerDepot explores all these areas in detail.

The Beginning of a Client Relationship.

When a prospective client comes to HappyCog, a number of events need to happen to develop a great relationship and lay the foundation for a successful project. They share their efforts to ensure that their ongoing client relationships are positive.

Top 20 Guerrilla Freelancing articles from 2010.

It was a great year for the quality of content on GuerrillaFreelancing and the articles listed in this post are just the tip of the iceberg for the quality that you can find on their site.  Some were huge hits as far as traffic and commenting goes, while others were hidden gems that may have been looked over.

December 2010

The Complete Guide to starting a Graphic and Web Design Business from home.

Colorburned presents the first chapter of “Getting Started With Working From Home” that will guide you through the first steps that you will need to take to take the plunge into starting your own home-based business. If you like it, they have a 25% off coupon to buy the eBook.

Nine tips to get your designs Approved by Clients.

One of the most difficult steps in any design process is selling that design to your clients and getting it signed-off. WebDesignTutsPlus share a few secrets to getting your designs approved by clients quickly and easily.

13 of the Best YouTube Channels on Freelancing.

FreelanceFolder was surprised to find very few YouTube channels dedicated to freelancing and freelancers. However, after much searching and investigating, she did manage to find 13 YouTube channels, which may be worthwhile for freelancers to explore.

Five signs you should raise your Rates.

While some business owners raise their rates every year, others do it more sporadically for a variety of reasons. If you’re in the second group and are wondering if now is the time for a rate increase, Sitepoint describes some signs that it may be time to raise your rates.

Phone Etiquette for Contractors.

Working from home as a contractor can be a liberating experience, in that you can often make your own rules, but when it comes to telephone calls with employers, standard rules of business do apply. oDesk suggests some basic phone manners you need to master whether talking one-on-one with your employer or engaging in a conference call.

November 2010

A typical day of 10 successful designers.

One of the keys to success for freelance designers is good time management. Unlike employed professionals, you are your own boss and can set your own hours. If you don’t manage your time well, you might find yourself not accomplishing everything that needs to be done. iBrandStudio presents A typical day of 10 successful designers, how they manage their time.