April 2010

Even more free Grunge Fonts you just must have.

There is no need to explain what grunge style is all about. Day by day we see more grunge fonts out there, and from MostInspired’s point of view, grunge fonts are one of the coolest fonts out there. He’s put together 20 awesome grunge fonts you’ll love (and may not have).

The 20 free fonts most used in Corporate Design.

Looking for the best fonts out there with no extra cash to spend? Well, nothing is impossible. 2ExpertsDesign have put together a collection 20 of the most used fonts by corporate designers. What’s important is the fact that all these fonts are free, but they are still a perfect alternative to commercial fonts out there.

20 beautiful Script Fonts (free).

Since script fonts are based on the fluid stokes of natural hand writing, they’re a great way to add a personal touch to a design. WDL has taken the time to round up 20 beautiful script fonts for your designs.

30 free professional Light Fonts.

If you are looking for a nice font, but need something not too dominant, using a light font or it’s light version would be the way to go. Not all light fonts look good, however VisualSwirl has taken the time to find some of the very best out there. Check out this collection of 30 professional, but still FREE light fonts below.

Even more awesome free Grunge Fonts.

If you’re a fan of the grunge design style where everything is worn, distorted or eroded looking, PsdFan’s collection of 45 free grunge fonts is just perfect for you.

30 free Web 2.0 Fonts you’ll love.

Finding that perfect font can be a real nightmare! Especially, if you’re on a budget and can’t pay for expensive premium fonts. At YouTheDesigner, they want to enable designers to create art and not spend hours searching for resources online. That’s why they’ve put together 30 Awesome and  Free Web 2.0 Fonts to help you out.

30 free fonts for your Fancy Projects.

You have to agree that there are never enough cool fonts when working on fancy designs. WebExpedition18 has collected a set of 30 awesome free fonts which are just perfect for your fancy design projects. Enjoy!

Free Stylish, Zesty and Modern Fonts you probably haven’t seen yet.

Webitect are always on the search for modern and trendy fonts simply because fonts are an important aspect of our creative designs. They’ve put together a collection of 20 of their current favorite modern fonts you may download and start using right away. All of them are free!

40 free Typewriter Fonts.

These fonts at BlueBlots will be most helpful in creating grunge or vintage designs. If you are into this type of design, you will find several uses for these cool typewriter fonts. So come and browse through this collection and stock up as many fonts as you can.

Free fonts from The Wild West.

Hey cowboy…do you need some Wild West fonts for your Wanted Posters? Check out this small collection at YourTutorialsBox.