August 2010

30 new free high-quality Fonts.

In this selection, SmashingMagazine are pleased to present Piron, Nobile, St Marie, Code, Arcus, Crimson Text, Quadranta, Juice, Prociono, Mr Jones, Ibarra Real and various useful symbol fonts. Please note that some fonts are for personal use only and are clearly marked as such

Extreme Grunge Fonts for killer and nasty artwork.

Grunge and dirty artwork is in huge demand nowadays and people love this dirty-looking art. AddictiveFonts have collected 70 Extreme Grunge fonts which can be used to create filthy and nasty designs.

Free Typewriter Fonts everyone should have.

AddictiveFonts have collected 20 awesome typewriter fonts, most of them have grunge look. You can use these versatile fonts in designing titles and headers of websites, logos for a vintage style or even for main body text.

20 best Free Fonts for Web Design.

Looking for something clean, decent, but still cool enough? These 20 best free clean fonts at WebDesignDev are exactly about that.  They are easy to read, but still very interesting for the eye. These fonts are free, so go get them all.

First-Class Spiky Fonts for ancient artwork.

Spiky Fonts are those fonts who have especially high-pitched spots. They are often referred to as Gothic or black letter fonts but one thing that differentiate between them is the level of sharp corners and spikes, Gothic fonts have relatively less sharp edges than spiky fonts. AddictiveFonts have collected 25 inspiring spiky fonts for you people, using them depends on your own creativity.

July 2010

Distorted and Bold Eroded Fonts for filthy designs.

Basically, Eroded Fonts are part of  the Grunge Font Family, and AddictiveFonts have collected 25 Bold Eroded Fonts who are relatively neater and cleaner than other grunge fonts.

Captivating Bold Fonts for killer Headlines.

AddictiveFonts have compiled a list of 50 attractive and graceful bold fonts, specially designed for big headlines and titles. An excellent collection for both web and print design projects.

The Problem with Free Fonts (Redux).

Typography is a pretty big deal in the design community, and it seems that not a day goes by where doesn’t see some sort of article showcasing a collection of free fonts in his RSS feeds or posted on Twitter. Basically, the problem with free fonts is that their very free-ness presents the very real possibility of being slowly and painfully bludgeoned to death though massive over use. TheDesignCubicle has considered that point of view and probes deeper on the topic. Two great articles you should read.

Addictive Fonts.

AddictiveFonts is a blog dedicated to finding free awesome fonts which you can use commercially. All fonts are nicely categorised and easy to find. A useful site.

High-Quality Free Fonts to seize attention.

ThemeFlash presents 20 really high quality free fonts to seize attention for you to use in your designs. There are some real beauties among this batch.