October 2010

How to choose and maximize the use of Free Fonts.

Who doesn’t love free fonts? Even if it is not a font you have a need for right now, having it in your font library could be beneficial for designs in the future. Of course, for every positive there is a negative. DesignReviver explains how to choose and maximize the use of free fonts.

September 2010

A massive collection of elegant Thin Fonts.

WDD present a collection of 70 free thin fonts that they’ve gathered from the web and that you can download to use right now. Most of them are sans-serif although there are a few serif options as well.

Free Fonts inspired by famous Movies.

If you are a person who looks for inspiration from movies, then you will love this post. AddictiveFonts have collected 20+ awesome free fonts, mostly inspired by movies, others made famous by movies. Hope you like this roundup.

40 excellent free fonts for Minimal Web Designs.

There are plenty of free, great looking fonts around the web. In this article at 1stWebDesigner, you’re going to find 40 clean, crisp and, of course, free fonts for your minimal web designs.

50 Best Free Fonts of all time.

There are many fonts being released, some became famous due to their superior quality, some failed due to some reason. But there are still some fonts that can be used in ages to come and AddictiveFonts have collected those fonts. They all are really famous nowadays and don’t have a chance to lose their attractiveness anytime soon.

11 new high-quality Free Fonts.

Everybody knows… you can never have too many fonts in your library. In this post, WDL have rounded up 11 brand new fonts that are of super high-quality.

August 2010

44 splendid Vintage and Retro Free Fonts.

Retro fonts cannot be overlooked in today’s modern world. Retro fonts are specially designed to transfer someones imagination to the good old days of 1930s and onwards. Although there are plenty of resources featuring retro fonts, this article at AddictiveFonts features some of the best retro family fonts ever. Have a look.

Free WildStyle Graffiti Fonts for Street Artwork.

AddictiveFonts have compiled a list of awesome wild graffiti fonts for street artwork. Check ’em out.

Stunning Fonts for captivating Tattoos.

Blackletter, Medieval, Cursive and Script fonts are the most popular picks when designing a tattoo. AddictiveFonts have collected 25 excellent fonts from different font categories which can be used for designing awesome tattoos.

Free Fonts excellent for Web 2.0 Logos.

To be successful in web 2.0 logo design, a special set of tools and styles should be utilized by a designer, and specific fonts are among them. A selection of free fonts ideal for web 2.0 logos is introduced at TripwireMagazine.