December 2010

10 free bold and beautiful Script Fonts.

Script fonts are designed to mimic the fluidity, capriciousness and irregularities of handwriting, and thus, they appear to have a congenial and organic aesthetic when juxtaposed against the systematic and precise characteristics of, for example, traditional sans-serifs. The Script fonts in this collection at DesignInstruct are strong, powerful and ready for professional use, and they’re free.

November 2010

40 edgy Digital Fonts for LED Banner Designs.

Most LED banners are colorful, flashing & scrolling – so it’s hard to miss its catchy appearance on your screen. On the other hand, it could be difficult to read. By picking the right digital fonts, it can be very attention-drawing. 1stWebDesigner presents a collection edgy digital fonts to choose from.

Most important Quality Fonts for Designers.

DesignDim has a collection of the 72 Free “Most Important” Quality Fonts for Designers and assure you once you read the post, you will be unable to control yourself to download these quality fonts. Beyond the hype, there are some really neat fonts available.

20 awesome Extra Thin Fonts.

There is a common misconception that bold fonts are the only choice for headlines and headings. New web designing trends have justified that thin and light fonts can be used for this purpose as well. AddictiveFonts have compiled a list of 20 awesome ultra thin fonts for you people.

October 2010

A fresh batch of Free Retro Fonts.

Eye-catching shapes, sophisticated lines and serifs, well-balanced proportions – all these create the bright and clear atmosphere of classic aesthetics in these fonts at Cruzine.

11 fresh high-quality Free Fonts.

This week, WDL are bringing you more recently released high-quality free fonts. There are a few here that will require a quick registration, but they’re well worth it.

A rich collection of comic or funny fonts.

Cruzine present a rich collection of comic or funny fonts, which in combination with your healthy sense of humor and excellent designing skills would guarantee that the project you are working on will make people smile and shine from the very first glance.

10 free Humanist Sans Serif Fonts.

Humanist fonts are a subtype of sans serif fonts that can be described as having a more organic (almost calligraphic) aesthetic, laying down a tiny sprinkling of chaos onto the characteristically systematic sans serif classification. This font collection at DesignInstruct includes some of the most beautiful free humanist sans serif fonts you can find.

Some of the latest Professional Fonts for free.

Slodive have collected some eye-catchy yet elegant professional fonts which are licensed free. It’s worthwhile scanning the list because there are a few treasures worth collecting.

60 imaginative Hand Drawn Fonts.

MultyShades share with you a great list of handwritten fonts which will make your design/project matchless. Hand drawn fonts can be useful in headers, short notes, logo designs and for different typographic shapes as well. Some of these are gorgeous and will add real personality to your designs.