June 2009

Type that dares to be different.

Yep, we sure have lots of free fonts from which to choose. Then along comes a collection of 20 creative and unique typefaces that shake the foundations. You’ll find them at Six Revisions. Typeface No.2 is a little bit ewww.

Smashing Free Fonts.

Smashing Magazine does a fantastic job of keeping up-to-date with free fonts. Their latest offering can be found here. Don’t miss the links on this page that point to even more quality free fonts. Smashing.

Another motherlode of free fonts.

How do they manage to accumulate over 10,000 free Truetype fonts? If you know the name of the font, you can search by letter, or you can search by style. Pimp Your Font claim to be the largest hand-selected archive on the net.

May 2009

EuroStyle Fonts

Well, not actually the font ‘Eurostyle’, but a collection of more than 70 fonts from (mainly) european sources. You may have seen a few of these, but WebAir provides a lot of new ones as well. You can never have too many free fonts.


Wow, Grace Smith sure has been busy. She has collected 75+ truly remarkable typography resources that include articles, tutorials and free fonts. I suggest that you bookmark this site, there’s just so much stuff. Kudos.

Font Hit Parade.

Don’t be concerned by the age of this site, Fawnt highlights the Top 55 fonts rated by downloads. There are some very sweet fonts to choose from, PC or OSX.

A more recent list is the Top 22 at Instantshift. Interesting to compare lists with the passage of time. Of course, all fonts listed are free.

A motherlode of free fonts.

The good folk at urbanfonts provide a staggering 8,000 freeware fonts and dingbats. Nicely categorised and well laid out. You simply must bookmark these guys.