November 2009

Excellent free font family: Public Gothic.

It’s a little industrial, little vintage, little condensed, little bold. Public Gothic is Antrepo’s new font family and beta release, free to use in all your designs, commercial or non commercial. PB family members are PB Square, PB Vintage, PB Circular, PB Federal. It’s compatible with any OS. (Mac T1, Win OTF)

Friday Fresh Free Fonts… all of them.

Abduzeedo has been posting some fresh free fonts every Friday for nearly six months. This is a very generous service from our Brazilian friends, and the first 21 posts are collected here. Bravo!

Fonts for Designers Series. Issue No.2

Fonts for Designers is an ongoing series of posts by Woorkup that proposes  a weekly selection of the best free fonts for web designers. Each new issue will present five interesting fonts you can use on your web projects. TGP will keep reminding you of updates.

October 2009

The A-Z list of free grungy and dirty fonts.

With Halloween coming up, now is a great time to add a few grungy and dirty based typefaces to your font collection. Reencoded has collected a large A-Z list of some of the best free grungy and dirty fonts to use in your designs from the ever-popular!

Quicksand, a free sans serif typeface.

Typophile has just released his first typeface project for free. Quite humbly, he states “Not as good as most of the stuff in here, but I’m hoping that you’ll find it useful in some way”. Worry not, a mighty fine font.

Ten amazing free display fonts.

There are a lot of free fonts out there on the internet these days – but tracking down the well-designed ones can be quite the task. Since PaperLeaf is such a nice guy, he thought he would round up the top ten free display fonts for you! All these fonts are free to download and use. They’re not all specifically display fonts, but display use is where they shine.

20 more high quality free sans serif fonts.

In this article at VisionWidget, you’ll find some of the best free and high-quality sans serif fonts you should consider using for your designs or typography works. A few of the links will require that you sign up but it’s worth it for a free download of such quality.

Ten free high-quality script fonts.

TypographyDaily has collected ten interesting script fonts for your library. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Free Sketch fonts for designers.

AceInfoWayIndia presents their collection of free sketch fonts. You may have some, but there’s probably a few you don’t. Check it out.

Fonts for Designers Series.

Fonts for Designers is a new series of posts that proposes every week a selection of the best free fonts for web designers. Each new issue will present five interesting fonts you can use on your web projects.  In a nutshell there will be less lists, not more then five items for list, more tutorials, more original posts. You’ll find Issue One at WoorkUp.