January 2011

27 things I need to see on an eCommerce Homepage.

A retailer’s homepage needs to convey what the site is about and provide all the elements that customers are looking for, and that will entice them to explore the rest of the site. eConsultancy has listed 27 elements that are commonly seen on retailer’s homepages, many essential, others desirable.

November 2010

Magento for Designers complete.

Magento is a stunningly powerful eCommerce platform. In this miniseries, we learn how to get started with the platform, getting to know the terminologies, setting up a store and all related aspects of it and finally learn how to customize it to make it our very own. In this final part, NetTutsPlus tackle one of the biggest complaints people have with Magento: its performance.

October 2010

10 amazing collections of Ajax Shopping Carts.

Ajax or JavaScript can provide shopping cart solutions. In this article, DzineBlog have compiled various resources and tutorials about making a shopping cart using Javascript.

September 2010

Top Five excellent eCommerce Plugins for WordPress.

Maybe you’ve heard about the odd plugin that allows you to sell products from your WordPress blog, but you might not know exactly what they are. To help you on your way to selling your products, SixRevisions tell you about the five best eCommerce plugins for WordPress.

10 eCommerce Design Tips for increasing conversions.

Sometimes, web stores get too artsy with their designs. Some use flash animations that can slow down the shopper’s browser, while others use color schemes that send the wrong signals to shoppers. WebDesignerDepot presents ten tips on how you can turn visitors into customers and improve your conversion rates by employing simple design techniques.

August 2010

Six reasons to choose Magento as your next eCommerce Platform.

Magento eCommerce platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth. PixelCrayons list six reasons why you should select Magento as your next eCommerce Solution.

WordPress eCommerce: 30+ Resources.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for blogs, portfolios, and other types of sites, but with the right plugins and/or themes it can also be used for eCommerce. While WordPress is not specifically intended to be used for eCommerce sites, the quality of available plugins and themes has increased in recent years. VandelayDesign feature more than 30 resources and tutorials to help you get started with eCommerce for WordPress.

Happy customers through an improved checkout.

You would think that the checkout form would be simple. However often users abandon their purchase, because the checkout form fails to deliver. In fact there are many ways you can make or break a checkout form, which is why BoagWorld has compiled this list of common issues to consider.

July 2010

Writing enticing Product Descriptions.

If you want a challenge, try writing eCommerce product descriptions. Within a typical 60 to 70 words, you must concisely convey the benefits and selling points of your product while including search engine keyphrases that engage your target audience… all while working within the constraints of your content management system (CMS). WebsiteMagazine explains how do the pros do it.

June 2010

How to use photos to sell more online.

As a photographer and UX designer, SmashingMagazine pays particular attention to the effectiveness of photography when he’s testing with users. Regardless of the context, users rarely fail to comment on or be influenced by photography when shopping online. This article pulls together principles from psychology, marketing, UX design and photographic theory. It provides a set of principles to follow when commissioning and editing photography and when planning and designing profitable eCommerce user experiences.