March 2010

Letterpress Business Cards for inspiration.

Letterpress business cards are a popular choice for designers, and in this post VandelayDesign showcases 33 high-quality letterpress cards. Hopefully these examples will provide some inspiration if you are considering designing some new business cards.

Pink Business Cards for creative inspiration.

Pink: it’s not just for girls anymore. Depending on the shade, style, and color combination you choose, you can inspire a wide range of feelings with your pink business card designs – from tranquility, to creativity, to excitement, to even power. Uprinting presents 17 examples of pink business cards designed by and for both genders, for designers and professionals alike.

Over 50 beautiful Business Cards.

Do you have a Creative Job? Yes? well then you really need a Creative Business Card! It’s very important to have a special Business Card, especially in a Creative Job. So check out these wonderful pieces of Paper at InspiredBit. Sometimes I need to leave these descriptions verbatim because I’m too tired.

Business Card Design ideas that will get everyone talking.

Business cards have been an integral part of trading, but in more recent times, business cards have transcended their basic role and become a tool in sophisticated marketing as well. Check out these beauties at OneExtraPixel.

Creative Business Card ideas.

It doesn’t matter in which business you are, a professionally designed business card is as important as your identity. Let’s take a look at some outstanding business cards at SmashingApps which show that there are truly no limits to the design of a business card.

A showcase of Double-Sided Business Cards. features 25 examples of double-sided business cards for your inspiration. There are a lot of different approaches taken by the designers of the cards shown here, but each presents an attractive image to potential clients.

50 creative and clever business cards.

PresidiaCreative looks at 50 creative and clever business cards.  Some are practical, some are creative, some are witty, but all of them are memorable.  As a potential client, you’d probably remember the creative business card more than the boring, generic business card.

February 2010

More creative Business Card designs than you can shake a stick at.

So you want some business card design inspiration? Well here you have 400 creative and beautiful business card designs all on one page. Enjoy this 20mb load at LogoDesignerBlog!

20 cool and creative business cards.

Handing out your business card is a more crucial moment than it appears, it’s the perfect time for you to make a good first impression on your prospects. For your inspiration, take a look at these cool and creative business cards at DesignerDaily.

Classy Brown Business Card Designs.

If you’d like to make an impression as a warm and down to earth professional, use color psychology to your advantage and create a brown business card design. Combine it with a thick, uncoated card stock to enhance the impression of wholesomeness and simplicity. With the right design elements and your business card’s more natural feel, you just might find your contacts feeling more at ease with you than before. Uprinting showcases 15 beauties.