May 2010

30 Design Tutorials for creating professional Business Cards.

CreativeNerds present a collection of design tutorials which will guide you through the process of creating your very own business card, including showing you how to bleed a business card in order for it to be ready for print. These tutorials explain all you need to know about preparing business cards for print as well as creating good business cards.

25 Letterpressed and Embossed Business Cards.

Your business card says a lot about you and the services you offer. Choosing premium features such as letterpress or emboss adds a touch (literally) of class that will set your cards apart from the crowd. Browse this gallery of letterpressed and embossed business cards at VisualSwirl to get ideas for that professional, luxurious, and elegant look you may require.

April 2010

30 Freelance designer Business Cards.

A business card is very important in a designer’s life. You never know when it will be the perfect time to network and meet your next client. It’s always a good idea to keep a business card in your pocket. UnderworldMagazines presents a showcase of 30 Freelance designer Business Cards.

Showcase of Die Cut Business Cards.

VandelayDesign focuses on business cards that use die cuts to stand out. Die cut business cards allow for some creative ideas to become a reality, and these cards are certain to be noticed when they are handed out.

100 refreshing Black and White Business Cards.

InspirationFeed presents a massive collection of amazing black and white business cards. These examples prove that the most basic colors can create amazing pieces of artwork. Most of these are white and black, but occasionally you will see a third color.

50 Business Card designs that break the mold.

Slodive thinks that well designed cards (especially in the design industry) still have their place, but he also doesn’t think it hurts to grab an email address at the same time. He presents some of the designs he found that made him realize that they still have a use in this digital world.

Elegant Black Letterpress Business Cards.

BestDesignOptions have seen a lot of inspiring galleries featuring letterpress business cards on white card stock. And they fully agree that they look stunning and very elegant, especially those that make use of the minimalist approach in design.  To balance the equation, they decided to come up with their own gallery of letterpress business cards printed on black stock.

Creative and Elegant Business Cards from February.

As we’ve come to the end of February, it seems like a nice idea to showcase some of the lovely business card designs that have been lovingly created! They’re all on display at InspiredMag.

Clean White Letterpress Business Cards.

WebDesignLedger has rounded up a collection of 20 clean white letterpress business cards that will inspire you. You’ll notice that the clean and minimal approach taken with these designs conveys an overwhelming sense of quality and elegance.

March 2010

22 new business cards – Best of March 2010.

FrancescoMugnai has done all the trawling for you and found the finest Business Cards of March 2010. You’ll surely find something to tickle your fancy.