June 2010

20 new business cards – Best of June 2010.

FrancescoMugnai has rounded up the best business cards from the interwebs for the current month. It’s a nice diverse range of styles and color usage.

Various examples of Round Edge Business Cards.

NaldzGraphics showcase 40 various examples of Round Corner Business Cards. They’ve collected different kinds of round corner business cards that have been designed by different designers around the globe.

Unusual examples of Business Card Design.

Over the years, Creattica at FreelanceSwitch has become the premier gallery for business card design and this post is just a taste of some of the more unusual examples they’ve got in the gallery.

May 2010

Beautiful Vintage Style Business Card Designs.

There’s something about using vintage elements that give a design a refreshing appearance. Applied in business cards, it can give the card a distinct and memorable look. For your inspiration, DesignInstruct presents a showcase of well-designed business cards that use a vintage theme. Gorgeous stuff indeed!

95 beautiful Business Card designs.

To expand yourself out in the working field, InspirationFeed suggest getting some personal business cards. This collection is aimed to inspire you to create your own. All of these cards were all hand picked based on quality and creativity from Creattica.

Unusual and creative Business Card designs.

A business card is not just a card bearing individual information any more. It can be as important as the identity of your company, and decides the first impression left to others. TheDesignInspiration have rounded up 30 pictures of creative business card.

Sexy Black Business Cards.

The color black can be mysterious and sexy, and sophisticated with power, elegance. Many people love the color and design black Business Cards for their business . GalaxArk presents 35 Sexy black Business Cards.

Ten common business card mistakes.

OneSock has found himself asking “do business cards still matter, and has their information and design needs changed?” Whilst scanning and fixing up business cards, a number of thoughts flitted through his head about “good” and bad” business card design. So time to share…

20 Transparent Plastic Business Cards.

Transparent and/or Plastic Business Cards certainly seem to be in vogue at the moment, and GalaxArk have put together a nice collection for you to peruse. Some of these work extremely well.

100 amazing Business Card Designs.

In this marvelous roundup of inspirational business card designs, FreelanceReview have included business cards with transparency, creative folding techniques, clever die cuts, masterful color use, moving parts, use of unusual objects, great typography and embossing among other creative ideas.